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Lost Trader
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Silver Quest Icon.png Silver Quest
Preceding Finding Theresa Again
Succeeding None
Start Abandoned Road
End Abandoned Road
Reward 2,600 gold
150 Renown
Boasts None

Lost Trader is a quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.


Find the Trader's lost brother and return him to safety.

This is a pretty simple quest. You'll have to start from Clifftop Path. When you enter The Abandoned Road area, a trader will come up to you and ask you to find his brother Thomas. Thomas, of course, is on the other side of the road, and to get to him you’ll have to kill a bunch of bandits. The bandits will “ambush” you in a few places, but otherwise they’re just bandits and shouldn’t pose much of a problem.

When you reach Thomas, he’ll automatically start following you, and several more bandits will appear in the area. If you want to be careful, then tell Thomas to wait while you clear the path to his brother. But really, the bandits shouldn't be that tough for you to kill, and you won't face enough of them to endanger Thomas, and so the extra step isn't really necessary.

When you make it back to the first trader, he’ll give you Treasure Clue 2 and your reward.

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