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Lookout Point
Fable Region
Lookout Point (TLC).png
Location Information
Related Quests Statue Master
The Beggar and Child
Orchard Farm Escort
The Sick Child
Bounty Hunt
The Prophets of the Fire Heart
Exits Heroes' Guild
Bowerstone South
Picnic Area
Greatwood Entrance
Shops Title Vendor

Lookout Point is the first region you come across after leaving the Heroes' Guild in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It acts as a hub area that connects to Bowerstone, the Heroes' Guild, the Picnic Area and Greatwood. Just as the peaceful atmosphere and soothing music would have you believe, the area is considered the safest place in all of Albion, due to a limited amount of quests being used for this area and no hostile enemies ever spawning here. A title vendor can be found here along with two guards, guarding the entrance to Bowerstone. The Boasting Platform is located next to the entrance to the Heroes' Guild. Several villagers may gather around when a Hero boasts about their quests. It is also a good place for showing off Trophies to earn renown or finding followers to take with you on adventures.

When you reach this area for the first time, you will have a choice of helping the beggar or the bully who are arguing next to the statue. To help the beggar, fart in front of the bully and then he will run off. If you help the bully, you need to belch in the face of the beggar. Whomever you pick on will run away, and you will get good or evil points. You may also beat either of them up to make them run away. You may also get into a belching contest with the bully to drive him away.

Map Description[]

A popular and peaceful spot.


  • There is a statue in the centre of this area which rotates and acts like a giant clock. It points towards a different area at different times of the day, this is known as the Statue Master side quest and is triggered automatically upon arriving at the region. If you stare at the statue very closely, you can actually see it moving slightly, as if it were ticking like a clock.
  • Upon accepting the Wasp Menace quest and entering Lookout Point, a man will run up to you to inform you about the Wasps that are attacking the Picnic Area. Following him will also show a woman screaming and running away from that exact same area and making her way to Bowerstone South.
  • In Fable: The Lost Chapters, two Traders can be found chatting to each other near the statue, about a Blue Mushroom which they refer to as the "Mushroom of Truth".
  • In the original Fable, there is a Demon Door near the Heroes' Guild entrance which can't be opened. In Fable: The Lost Chapters, this door can be opened after defeating Jack of Blades for the first time. Inside is the Prophets' Chamber.
  • During the Bounty Hunt quest, you can find and talk to a female villager near the region gate that leads to Greatwood Entrance.



  • If you attack the guards in this area and then just ignore / block them afterwards, then they will drop their charges on you without the need to pay a bounty.
  • It's possible to get behind the closed Demon Door using the spade glitch in the original Fable, but it won't teleport you anywhere.
  • If you dig near the boasting platform that is outside the Heroes' Guild, then some NPCs may spawn around you.


  • It's believed that the unused Demon Door that can be found in the original Fable was intended for the Final Boss, Trogdor. Before he and the intended map Dragon Cliff, were scrapped from the game.
  • Environment themes in the game files for Fable: The Lost Chapters suggest that the Guild woods and surrounding forests near Bowerstone would have been called Springwood.
  • The area that can be seen beyond the bridge to Bowerstone South is actually a re-used filler version of Windmill Hill, which has no objects inside of it.
  • The beggar that you can find there claims that he "used to be an adventurer" and is apparently the brother of Scarlet Robe.
  • The music for Oakfield in Fable II is extremely similar to the music used for this area.


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