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Lookout Point
Fable Region
Lookout Point
Location Information
Related Quests Orchard Farm Escort
The Prophets of the Fire Heart
Exits Heroes' Guild
Bowerstone South
Picnic Area
Greatwood Entrance
Shops Title Vendor

Lookout Point is a region in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. It acts as a hub area that connects to Bowerstone, the Heroes' Guild, the Picnic Area and Greatwood. A title vendor can be found here along with two guards, guarding the entrance to Bowerstone. The Boasting Platform is located next to the entrance to the Heroes' Guild. Several villagers may gather around when a Hero boasts. It is also a good place for showing Trophies and finding followers.

In Fable: The Lost Chapters, the Demon Door near the Heroes' Guild entrance (whose back can only be seen during Fable) can be opened after defeating Jack of Blades for the first time. Inside is the Prophets' Chamber.

When you reach this area for the first time, you will have a choice of helping the beggar or the bully who are arguing next to the statue. To help the beggar, fart in front of the bully and then he will run off. If you help the bully, you need to belch in the face of the beggar. Whomever you pick on will run away, and you will get good or evil points. You may also beat either of them up to make them run away. You may also get into a belching contest with the bully to drive him away.

Map DescriptionEdit

A popular and peaceful spot.

Notes Edit

  • There is a statue in the centre of this area which rotates and acts like a giant clock. It points towards a different area at different times of the day. When the statue points to a particular region, something in that region will be unlocked (the tavern cellar in Bowerstone South and a chest in Greatwood Entrance at midnight and noon respectively). If you stare at the statue very closely, you can see it moving, as if ticking like a clock.
  • There is a Silver Key here, near the statue. Cut through the brambles to reach it.
  • In Fable III, one of the locales in the Millfields is also known as Lookout Point. Some believe that it is the evolution of the same place, evidenced by its proximity to Bower Lake, the former location of the Heroes' Guild.

Trivia Edit

  • The music from Oakfield in Fable II is extremely similar to the music of this area.
  • The beggar claims that he "used to be an adventurer."
  • If you dig near the boasting platform some NPCs may spawn.

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