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Longbow is a type of weapon in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. It was replaced in Fable II by guns.

Yew LongbowEdit

Gold Value: 150

Augment Slots: 0

Damage: 60

Class: Light

Description: The weapon of archers in large armies, a Yew Longbow is long, resilient and powerful.

Obtained From: Guild Training

Oak LongbowEdit

Gold Value: 450

Augment Slots: One

Damage: 90

Class: Light

Description: Oak is held to be better than Yew for bows. It's tougher, provides more power and lasts longer.

Obtained From: Heroes' Guild - purchased from shopkeeper.

Ebony LongbowEdit

Gold Value: 1662

Augment Slots: 2

Damage: 130

Class: Light

Description: The suppleness and strength of ebony make this a very accurate, powerful weapon.

Obtained From: Chest in Bowerstone Jail.

Master LongbowEdit

Gold Value: 21046

Augment Slots: 3

Damage: 180

Class: Light

Description: The wood's sheen reveals this as a Master weapon. One of the best.

Obtained From: Knothole Glade, Snowspire Village, Bowerstone North, Guild Shop.

Skorm's BowEdit

Main Article: Skorm's Bow

Gold Value: 54720

Augment Slots: Lightning Augmentation, Sharpening Augmentation

Damage: 264

Class: Light

Description: Fabled weapon of the Overberg, this Longbow carries dark and terrible secrets that seem to propel arrows with a unique power.

Obtained From: Chapel of Skorm

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