Living Forever: The Immortalists
Type Book
Source Fiction Burns
Base value 80 gold
Stars 2stars

Living Forever: The Immortalists is a book in Fable II.

Contents of this bookEdit

This speculative book explores a subject many believe to be hard fact, though not as many as those who believe it be complete horse manure; the existence of immortal beings in modern-day Albion. What is beyond dispute is the existence of arcane texts that mention the power made available to the Archons, rulers of the Old Kingdom, by the most primal demons and gods, which would grant them eternal life. According to those who believe these legends, the Hero who went by the name of Scythe would not have been a mere necromancer, but one of the Archons. If the theory is correct, there could be dozens of immortal beings passing themselves off as normal people, or hiding from mortal eyes. It is they that the sect known as the Immortalists spend their lives seeking, in the hope that the power will be bestowed upon them too.

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