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Within the world of Albion there are weapons of legendary status, left by great Heroes for future generations to find. Each of these weapons are imbued with great power, offering their strengths to any worthy wielder. Below is a list of each of these weapons from Fable and TLC, along with a small narrative for each.

Fable and Fable TLC[]

Arken's Crossbow[]

Left for dead during the Olagan massacre, Arken swore vengeance on those who ambushed him. Crafting a crossbow from scattered pieces found at the battlefield, this legendary weapon was used to hunt down every last ambusher.

Type: Crossbow
Damage: 220
Base Value: 50,160 gold
Augmentations: Flame, Piercing, Silver
Acquisition: Darkwood Lake Silver Chest

Cutlass Bluetane[]

Kept as part of a legendary treasure instead of being used, this cutlass is rumoured to have a palpable hunger for blood.

Type: Cleaver
Damage: 165
Base Value: 40,425 gold
Augmentations: Lightning
Acquisition: Greatwood Caves Demon Door

Dollmaster's Mace[]

Despite his quick fingers and eye for detail, only once did the Dollmaster create a weapon. It is said this mace is as colossal as his dolls were delicate.

Type: Mace
Damage: 135
Base Value: 33,075
Augmentations: Mana
Acquisition: Abandoned Road Demon Door

Katana Hiryu[]

The folded steel of a katana can only be so strong, however, through secret supernatural skills Hiryu was turned into something special. These ancient skills died with the monks of the far hills.

Type: Katana
Damage: 215
Base Value: 47,775 gold
Augmentations: Flame, Sharpening
Acquisition: Bowerstone Manor

Murren Greataxe[]

Stolen from the Murren Graves following the collapse of the Old Kingdom, little is known of the godlike warrior this greataxe was prised from. It is said the deadly blade of this weapon still glows with a divine quality.

Type: Greataxe
Damage: 240
Base Value: 58800 gold
Augmentations: Piercing
Acquisition: Hook Coast Lighthouse

Murren Greathammer[]

Stolen from the Murren Graves along with a greataxe, this weapon was never recovered. It is said both weapons were forged by the will of the gods.

Type: Greathammer
Damage: 270
Base Value: 66150 gold
Augmentations: Piercing, Experience
Acquisition: Heroes' Guild

Ronok the Axe[]

Forged by old kingdom foresters, Ronok has survived the test of time. Remaining as sharp as the day it was forged, this axe has seen centuries of combat.

​​​​​​​Type: Axe
Damage: 165
Base Value: 43,424 gold
Augmentations: Sharpening, Silver
Acquisition: Grey House Demon Door

Skorm's Bow[]

Dark and terrible secrets propel the arrows from this bow, fuelled by a unique power. It is rumoured this longbow is the weapon of the Overberg.

​​​​​​​Type: Longbow
Damage: 264
Base Value: 54,720 gold
Augmentations: Lightning, Sharpening
Acquisition: Chapel of Skorm

Solus Greatsword[]

Held in awe of swordmaster and combatants throughout Albion, this greatsword once belonged to the mythical dragonknights.
Type: Greatsword
Damage: 314
Base Value: 69,825 gold
Augmentations: Flame, Sharpening, Health
Acquisition: Bowerstone North

Sword of Aeons[]

Bloodforged long before the Old Kingdom, this longsword is the oldest of all weapons. This weapons power is that of all Albion, if it ever gets unlocked.

​​​​​​​Type: Longsword
Damage: 230 (550 in Vanilla)
Base Value: 149179
Augmentations: Health, Mana, Experience
Acquisition: Chamber of Fate

The Harbinger[]

Created by the twins Elda and Essa, this longsword had a bloodsoaked start. To ensure the world would never see another weapon like it, the twins of this sword cut off each others hands with it.

​​​​​​​Type: Longsword
Damage: 198
Base Value: 44100 gold
Augmentations: Sharpening, Piercing
Acquisition: Temple of Avo (Stone)

The Sentinus[]

As majestic as any sceptre, this greatmace is powerful enough to bring empires to their knees. It is rumoured to have been owned by the bodyguard to the Archon, first ruler of the Old Kingdom.

​​​​​​​Type: Greatmace
Damage: 255
Base Value: 62,475 gold
Augmentations: Silver, Piercing
Acquisition: Temple of Avo (Donation)

Wellows Pickhammer[]

Hidden mines provided strong but extremely light metal to Wellow, the ruler of the northern ridges of the Old Kingdom. It is said his warloads used pickhammers forged from this metal, much like the one Wellow carried.

​​​​​​​Type: Pickhammer
Damage: 120
Base Value: 29400 gold
Augmentations: Piercing x2
Acquisition: Greatwood Gorge Demon Door

Weapons Exclusive to Fable TLC[]

Avo's Tear[]

Existing for a time as pure myth among acolytes, this longsword once belonged to a mere guard. Used by the Guild Mage Solcius to close a vortex, the ordinary sword was imbued with enough power to rival the Sword of Aeons.

​​​​​​​Type: Longsword
Damage: 230
Base Value: 126250
Augmentations: Health, Mana, Experience
Acquisition: Quest Reward

Orkon's Club[]

Shunning society and living in the mountains, diminutive warrior Orkon was often mistaken as a hobbe or sometimes a baby troll. Any enemy seeing this small warrior charging with club in hand would laugh, though it was the last thing they ever did.

​​​​​​​Type: Club
Damage: 140
Base Value: 100
Augmentations: None
Acquisition: Archon's Shrine

The Avenger[]

When his family was ripped to pieces by demonic creatures, Hero Wheldon made a bargain with a necromancer. His life for a sword, powerful enough to destroy the creatures. Having his heart made part of the sword, his lifeless body fell to the ground upon completing his revenge.

​​​​​​​Type: Longsword
Damage: 180
Base Value: 44,100
Augmentations: Flame, Lightning
Acquisition: Lost Bay Silver Chest

The Bereaver[]

Soaked in mystery as well as blood are the origins of this broadsword. Some claim it belonged to the most evil Hero of the Guild, though no record of his name could be found. Others claim it belonged to a demon not a man, and that was why it gleams with the fires of hell.

​​​​​​​Type: Greatsword
Damage: 285
Base Value: 69825
Augmentations: 2x Empty Slot - Vanilla: Health, (+ Flame in Anniversary)
Acquisition: Necropolis Demon Door


  • Some legendary weapon models can be seen used by NPC's, for example the Bereaver and the Avenger can sometimes be seen wielded one handed by Bandit guards.