This is a list of all the properties in Fable II.

For information on buying and selling properties, see the Real Estate article.


Sleeping Bonuses:

Code Value Code Value
5MF Five Minutes of Fame AM Animal Magnetism
BB Body Builder DG Do Gooder
HB Health Boost HOC Heart of Corruption
HP Health Penalty HR Health Regeneration
MOE Mask of Evil PUR Purification
SB Speed Boost TAN Tough as Nails
TF Troll Face - --


  • All cabin type buildings that can be purchased in the game (Thag's Cabin, Unnamed House most notably) may be rented by a tenant, however they will never be seen at the property. A quick check of the sign gives the evict option and gold is still gained as though someone lives there. However, just because there is the evict option does not mean the property is rented. A tenant's name must be listed for there to actually be a tenant and rent to be received.
  • Depending on player choices, the sum total of base valued property values are under 3,000,000 gold.  For example, a "good" playthrough which saves Oakvale, finds the warrants in Bowerstone Old Town, develops Westcliff, helps Giles Farm grow, and purchases all available property can expect a total base price of 2,899,450 gold before price modifiers like owner opinion or local economy.


Bower LakeEdit

Buildings available: 12

Gypsy CampEdit

Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Gypsy Caravan 1, Gypsy Camp A delightful caravan that has travelled far across Albion. AM 800 1star
Gypsy Caravan 2, Gypsy Camp She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. None 1000 1star
Gypsy Caravan 4, Gypsy Camp If this caravan's a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'. None 1200 1star
Gypsy Caravan 7, Gypsy Camp The owner of this caravan wisely sprang for the extended warranty and the undercoating. None 1000 1star
Gypsy Caravan 8, Gypsy Camp Judging by the smell, the owner of this caravan eats a lot of fried fish. None 1000 1star
Gypsy Caravan 9, Gypsy Camp A delightful caravan that has travelled far across Albion. None 1000 1star
Gypsy Caravan 10, Gypsy Camp This caravan could benefit from some new shock absorbers, and maybe a spoiler. None 1000 1star
Gypsy Caravan 11, Gypsy Camp This caravan has seen better days, but it has also seen worse days. The day it's seeing right now therefore falls somewhere in the middle. None 1000 1star


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Gypsy Stone Cutter 3 Gypsy Camp Gypsies have been refining the art of stone cutting for centuries. Few have such insight into the making of augments. Augments 4000 2stars
Gypsy Trader 5, Gypsy Camp Items gathered from all over Albion can be found here. General Goods 4500 2stars
Gypsy Tattooist 6, Gypsy Camp Gypsies have elevated tattooing to an artform. There are few better places to decorate one's body. Tattoos 3000 2stars


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Thag's Cabin 1, Bower Lake Bandit Camp

The home of the notorious Thag the Impatient, a bandit who has long terrorized the residents of Bower Lake. It is said his mummy never loved him.

None 5500 2stars

Bowerstone MarketEdit

Buildings available: 32


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Monster Manor 1 Market Square The name of this house is the result of a popular, and rather cruel, children's rhyme, which likened its occupant with a hideous creature. The object of their ridicule was an ex-soldier whose face bore the map of many battlefields, and who earned a living as a guard. The years he walked the beat of Bowerstone were among the safest the town has ever known, but his repulsive appearance meant he never got the recognition he deserved. BB, TF 6720 2stars
Luminous Lodge 2 Market Square This was, for a short while, the home of Albert the Luminous, the man who would eventually found the Temple of Light. His stay in Bowerstone coincided with a very dark period of Albert's life, one which led him to the brink of despair. When he left on a pilgrimage, few thought he would become the famous man that he did. 5MF, PUR 4320 2stars
The Silk Moon 3 Market Square This was not only the house of one of the finest seamstresses in Albion, it is also the place where she created many of her most beautiful fashion designs. There is still an air of stylishness permeating the very walls. AM 3600 2stars
Wraithlodge 1 Middle Street This house is tainted by the many evil people who have lived here, and has become famous for its association with dark deeds. 5MF, HOC 2880 2stars
The Final Lap House 2 Middle Street Best known for being the home of Brent Lightning, the fastest man ever to race through the roads of Albion. It is said he once threw a coin in the air here, did two laps of Bowerstone, and returned in time to catch it. SB 4200 3stars
The Ogre's Palace 3 Middle Street Once owned by Alan Mush, voted Ugliest Man in Albion, six years in a row. This house not only became to be known as The Ogre's Palace not just because of Alan's unusual facial features, but his enormous physique. BB, TF 6720 2stars
The Beating Heart 5 Middle Street Jeff Lightning, whose brother and Albion speed record-holder Brent lived on the same street, owned this hose until his death. Though he possessed velocity comparable to Brent, Jeff suffered from a weak heart. Whenever he tried to match his brother in races, his irregular heartbeat took away a little bit more of his life, until one day, there was no more left to take. SB, HP 5880 2stars
Plimpington Manor 1 Posh Street Once owned by the Plimpington family, who counted amongst its members three of the most charming and good-looking people in Albion. Though the parents weren't much to look at, their son and two daughters turned heads wherever they went. AM 9600 3stars
The Nice House 2 Posh Street This was once the home of Lavender Nice, a woman as famous for her kindness as for her astounding beauty. Despite having hundreds of suitors, she was far too pure to marry. When she disappeared, still young enough to retain her looks, it was said that she had ascended to a higher plane of existence. DG, AM, PUR 27,500 4stars
Vestry Manor 3 Posh Street The residents of this wonderful house never seem to stay very long, but have traditionally been people of great importance and fame. Artists, adventurers and the very highest nobles have all called this place their home at one time or another. 5MF 12,000 3stars
Miracle Manor 4 Posh Street The day alchemist Leo Head bought this house, the people of Bowerstone rejoiced, for they knew the renowned alchemist's inventions would benefit them all. Here he experimented with the potions that eventually led him to be wealthy enough to build what is now know as Castle Fairfax. HR 24,000 4stars
The House of the Ghostly Puffin 5 Posh Street Locals believe this house to be haunted by the spirit of a long-dead puffin. Rather than frightening its residents with nightmares however, the puffin is said to bring extremely peaceful and restful dreams. HB 18,000 3stars
The House of Plenty 1 Slum Street Once the home of Alberta Givings, a woman of such generosity she could not help sharing whatever she had with those less fortunate than her. Food, gold and lodging could always be found here, but Alberta herself was so pure, not even the lowest scum in Bowerstone could bring themselves to take advantage of her, meaning that only the truly needy benefited from her kindness. PUR 3600 2stars
Mendicant's Repose 2 Slum Street Alfred the Beggar may have been extremely poor, but was such a kind man he could be counted on to do the right thing. Whenever there was a dispute, the law was called upon to resolve it, but it was Albert who would always know the fairest way to deal with any problem. DG 7200 3stars
Scum House 3 Slum Street Once the home of one Johnny Scum, whose grotesque appearance drove people to conjecture that he must be the result of the union between a hobbe and a troll. Though not particularly evil, Johnny's corpulence inevitably led him to a life of crime, working as a heavy for many of Bowerstone's most important crime bosses. TAN, TF 3360 2stars


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Bowerstone Drinks Stall 1 Bowerstone Bridge A great place to buy some refreshments. Drinks 1000 1star
Bowerstone Meat Stall 2 Bowerstone Bridge Not the place to go if you're a vegetarian. Food (Meat) 1500 1star
Bowerstone Fish Stall 3 Bowerstone Bridge Don't worry, the fish sold here weren't caught in the local river. Food (Fish) 1250 1star
Bowerstone's Big Pile of Stuff 1 Bowerstone Entrance Purveyor of generic items for hundreds of years. General Goods 32,000 4stars
Bowerstone Coach House 2 Bowerstone Entrance Feet feeling sore? These coaches will take you where you need to go. Coach 26,000 4stars
Potion in Motion 1 Market Square All your favourite potions, for all your least favourite injuries. Potions 26,000 4stars
Fiction Burns* 3 Market Square Improve your mind, your soul and the owner's pockets. Buy a book! Books 16,000 3stars
The Cow & Corset 5 Market Square There is no better place to get absolutely hammered. Drinks 64,000 5stars
Bowerstone Jewellery Stall 5b Market Square All Kinds of gems are available here. Gifts 6500 2stars
Up in Arms 6 Market Square All kinds of weapons are forged and sold here. Weapons 52,000 5stars
World of Chairs 7 Market Square A wonderful selection of chairs, tables, chairs, wardrobes, chairs and more chairs are sold here. Furniture 38,000 4stars
Bowerstone Fruit & Veg Stall 7b Market Square Shop here for some healthy living. Your arteries and your bowels will thank you. Food (Produce) 2000 1star
Bowerstone Pie Stall 7c Market Square Sometimes, nothing will quite satisfy like a pie. Food (Pie) 2250 1star
Pants! 1 Old Town Street Bowerstone's finest men's clothing store. Clothing (Men's) 28,000 4stars
Bower Stones 4 Side Street The gems crafted in this store are said to convey magical properties. Augments 15,000 3stars
Bit of Skirt 1 Sovereign Road All of the latest ladies' fashions can be found here. Clothing (Women's) 28,000 4stars
Beautification Factory 2 Sovereign Road All the styles you could possibly want are available here. Hairstyles, Makeup and Dyes 18,000 3stars

* Considered a unique building and cannot be sold once purchased.

Bowerstone Old TownEdit

Buildings available: 18


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
The House of Might 1 Cemetery Road This is where Bonnet the Mighty lived before his untimely death. Known for his prodigious strength, Bonnet used to invite people to punch him in the stomach as hard as they could, always able to withstand even the strongest blows. His career came to an end when one member of the public hit him while wearing a metal glove spiked with poisoned needles. BB, HP 2450 1star
The Invisible Hand 2 Cemetery Road An unofficial guild of thieves had its base in this house. The specialty of its members was pickpocketing, and it was here that they trained to move their hands with such speed that they would be almost invisible. SB, MOE 2800 1star
The Bennett House 1 Lookout Way Benjamin Bennett, a dandy with such stylishness and good fashion sense that even the manliest men couldn't help but admire him, lived here once. For Benjamin, such a simple activity as walking down the street for a pint of milk could be turned into a work of art by virtue of wearing the right hat, or simply adjusting his gait to best catch the sunlight at that particular time of day. AM 3600 2stars
The Pit 2 Lookout Way It is said that so many orgies and acts of depravity took place in this house, that one who dwells here cannot help but be tainted. SB, HOC 3360 2stars
The House of Goodwill 3 Lookout Way At the same time that crime lord Jeremiah Felling was plotting his activities next door, a most unassuming and pious couple by the name of Heap lived here. Though they passed much of the[ir] lives unnoticed, the beggars and homeless people of Old Town always knew they'd be welcome with a bowl of hot soup. PUR 3600 2stars
The Felling Residence 4 Lookout Way Home to one of the most notorious crime lords Old Town has ever seen, Jeremiah Felling, this house was for many years the base of operations for the biggest organized crime ring in the land. The Bowerstone guards were never able to arrest Felling, but he was killed in a shoot out with a rival gang. His funeral was one of the most extravagant and well attended to be staged in the city. 5MF, MOE 5760 2stars
House of Hard Knocks 5 Lookout Way Some of the toughest men and women in Albion have lived under this roof. Not all of them were criminals but the house has acquired a reputation for being a dangerous place to visit. TAN 8400 2stars
The Knuckles 1 Market Walk In this house lived the three most trusted members of the Felling gang, brothers who shared the same love of violence and the same lack of good looks. They were responsible for carrying out the dirtiest jobs, no matter how tough. TAN, TF 3360 2stars
The Steel Moon 2 Market Walk During the construction of this house, the builders found a small deposit of very rare metal, whose remarkable strength made ideal in the construction of armour. BB 8400 2stars
The Dark Mark 3 Market Walk Nobody knows for sure, but it is said that this was once the home of Albion's deadliest assassin. Nobody knows his name (or indeed if it was a man or a woman), only that the killer was ruthless as he was effective. MOE 4800 2stars
The Helping Hand 1 Sandgoose Street Here lived the elderly sister Gladys and Moira, who established a charity for orphans, the homeless and other needy people. Unfortunately, the charity disappeared with their death, but their kind spirit still imbues this house. DG 3000 2stars
The Immortal's Abode 3 Side Street This was once the home of Brian Boring, who lived to the ripe age of 142. Some say his longevity was due to the lack excitement in the life he led, and to the fact that he was far too ugly to ever marry. HB, TF 6000 2stars


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Old Town Alchemists 1b Market Walk If you're looking for potions, this is the place to go. Potions 4500 1star
Old Town Weapons 1c Market Walk Come here for all your weapon needs. Weapons 6500 2stars
Old Town Gift Stall 4a Market Walk Sells gifts for loved ones and strangers. Gifts 2500 1star
Old Town Clothing Stall 4b Market Walk The clothes here might not be the flashiest, but they are a certain cure for nakedness. Clothing (Both) 4500 1star
Old Town Food Stall 1b Sandgoose Street Some say that there is no better food than you can buy in street stalls. Food 1500 1star


Name Address Location Description Base Value Stars
Old Town Warehouse 2 Sandgoose Street Bowerstone Old Town Used to store all manner of boxes. 16000

Bowerstone SlumsEdit

The properties below become available if you choose to give the collected arrest warrants to Arfur during your Childhood.

Buildings available: 2

Houses & WarehousesEdit

As Old Town


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Old Town General Store 4 Sandgoose Street General Goods 16000
The Human Museum 1 Rookridge Road Tattoos 2500

Fairfax GardensEdit

Buildings available: 1


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Fairfax Castle Unique. HB, HR, AM 1,000,000 5stars


Buildings available: 2


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Temple of Shadows Unique. 100,000


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Lucky Heather Tavern Rookridge One of the oldest inns in Albion, its popularity and longevity is down to the extraordinary freshness of its beverages, which are made using waterfall water. Beverages 2500 1star


Buildings available: 15


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Manure Manor 1 Oakfield Way The farmer who built this house was known for his exceptional speed in pulling up carrots from the ground. Onde day he pulled too hard and ended up with a carrot through the eye. The nearby mill is part of his property. SB 2800 2stars
Luminous Cottage 2 Oakfield Way When Albert the Luminous, founder of the Temple of Light, planted the first Golden Oak, bringing hope and plenty to Oakfield, the residents gave him this house in gratitude. Here he lived till the end of his days. The nearby windmill is part of this property. PUR 4800 2stars
Porridge Cottage 3 Oakfield Way The Porridge brothers were known for their incredible strength, which allowed them to plough the land easily, and carry their produce across the land with out the need for carriages. BB 5600 2stars
Cockerel Cottage 4 Oakfield Way It is thanks to the efforts of one Molly Springwater, who lived in this house, that chickens enjoy the right not to be imprisoned in small cages. She also campaigned extensively for their protection during the anti-chicken hysteria tht followed the publication of the novel Megafowl. DG 2400 1star
Serenity Farm* Oakfield Demon Door The most skilled Will users of the once-mighty Heroes' Guild fashioned this idyllic house and its surroundings as a haven from the real world. It is said that many great Heroes, including the one who vanquished Jack of Blades, spent their last years in this retreat. AM 32000 4stars
Temple of Light*^ Oakfield Founded by Albert the Luminous, whose desperate pilgrimage into the nearby cave led him to a moment of epiphany. It was here that the Light spoke to him, and there that he discovered the Golden Oak. None 100000 5stars
House of Sock^ 2 Ocean Walk, Oakfield This is the cottage where bestselling novelist Meredith Sock wrote many of his books. Though his main abode was one of the nicer houses in Bowerstone, this is where he would retire from the public eye to write his next great work, sometimes for over a week at a time. 5MF 4800 2stars
Hobbe Cottage^ 3 Ocean Walk, Oakfield During a period in which this house was unoccupied, the strange noises coming from within convinced everyone that it must be haunted. When the monks from the Temple of Light summoned courage to enter in the hope of exorcising it, the discovered a group of hobbes who had make the place their home. The smell hasn't entirely gone. TAN, TF 4480 2stars
House of a Million Callouses^ 4 Ocean Walk, Oakfield The Callouses were an extended family of farmers, all of which sported an enormous and rather unattractive physique, due to generation spent toiling the fields under the hot sun. BB, TF 2240 2stars
The Flirtroom^ 3 Orchard Road, Oakfield Here lived Gavin Pout, master firter and womanizer. His rugged good looks and winning personality made him the envy of all other men in Oakfield, who eventually dragged him out of his bed one night, put a sack over his head and threw in down the Rookridge gorge. AM 4800 2stars

* Considered a unique property that cannot be sold or rented.
^ Player must have defended the Light in order to purchase these properties.


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
The Sandgoose 1 Riverside Road Where the people of Oakfield go to refresh themselves after a hard day's work farming the land. They also come here to get drunk, of course. Tavern 36000
Oakfield Weapon Stall 1b Riverside Road Though Oakfield people aren't known for the prowess in combat, they still have need for weapons to combat the assorted creatures who wander on to their farmlands. Weapons 9000
Oakfield Clothing Stall 1c Riverside Road Farmers don't care much for style, but you can find plenty here that is comfortable. Clothing 4500
Oakfield Fruit & Veg Stall 2b Oakfield  Way The freshest produce of all Albion, farmed here in Oakfield. Food 1500
Oakfield Coach House 3 Oakfield Way The coaches here will take you wherever you wish to go. Carriage 24000


Buildings available: 2


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Brightwood Tower Brightwood Unique. HB, HR, 5MF 250,000 5stars
Brightwood Farm Brightwood Unique. BB, TAN 74,480 5stars


Buildings available: 15


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Westcliff Caravan 1 Barnum Road These pretty little caravans were built as a part of Barnum's Westcliff development project. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 2 Barnum Road Whatever Barnum paid to have these caravans built, it was well worth it: they really add to the ambiance. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 3 Barnum Road Barnum's Vision for a rejuvenated Westcliff always included these quaint caravans. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 4 Barnum Road When people see that one of Barnum's schemes actually bore fruit, they tend to faint. This charming caravan is a comfortable place to do just that. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 5 Barnum Road Barnum has cleaned up Westcliff. and added these pretty caravans as part of the bargain. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 6 Barnum Road When Barnum developed Westcliff, he commissioned these caravans as accommodations for visitors. None 1000
Westcliff Caravan 7 Barnum Road These cute caravans are a big improvement over the shacks that once dominated Westcliff. None 1000
Unnamed House


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
The Foaming Jugs 1 Crucible Walk Visitors to Westcliff can stop here for some refreshments before taking in a Crucible show. Tavern 36000
Westcliff Blacksmith 2 Crucible Walk Fighters would be foolish to enter the Crucible without getting the very best weapon they can afford. Weapons 52000
Westcliff Alchemist Stall 3 Crucible Walk Most of the potions sold here are bought by wealthy tourists as mementos of their Crucible visit. Potions 6000
Westcliff Food Stall 3 Crucible Walk Where the rich Crucible attendees buy their snacks. Food 4500
Westcliff Clothes Stall 3 Crucible Walk Sells only the finest items of clothing. Clothing 5000
Westcliff General Store 3 Crucible Walk Almost everything you could ever want, all in one shop. General Goods 24000
Westcliff Miscellany Stall 3 Crucible Walk Selling all the things the other shops are too posh to stock. General Goods 4000
Westcliff Weapon Stall Weapons


Buildings available: 21

Several of the buildings are only available to buy after completing the quest, T.O.B.Y..


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Bloodstone Mansion Bloodstone Hilltop Reaver's climb through the ranks of the Bloodstone underworld was nothing short of amazing. It culminated with the killing of the crimelord who lived in this mansion. SB, HR 88200 5stars
The Knotter* 1 Bloodstone Hill Here lived a Captain Ivy, a formidable woman who trained sailors in the hardships of the sea. Those who didn't die during instruction became the elite of Bloodstone. TAN 7000 2stars
Frennick Mansion 3 Bloodstone Hill, Bloodstone The pirate Adam Frennick didn't have much of a brain, but his strength made him a useful member of many a crew. He eventually commanded his own ship, which was fatally wrecked two days later, after he instructed a pilot to steer it into a cliff. BB 7000 2stars
The Boudoir 4 Bloodstone Hill Once housed many of the most beautiful women in Albion. Back in the golden age of piracy, they were attracted by the vast riches of Bloodstone. AM 6000 2stars
The Temple of Benevolent Yokels* 5 Bloodstone Hill Everybody in Bloodstone knows about T.O.B.Y., though it has only been recently established. FOM 6000 2stars
The Death Factory* 7 Bloodstone Hill Sailors who did not perform well during and outing were not thrown into the sea to drown: they were brought to this house, where a man who claimed to be a doctor would "treat" them until they begged for death. DG 4000 2stars
The Hook 10 Bloodstone Hill This was the home of Captain Sorrow, who continued to board ships well into his nineties, thanks to an inexhaustible supply of health potions he took as bounty from one of his early raids. It is said that only Captain Dread was more vicious a pirate. HB, MOE 6000 2stars
House of Vice 11 Bloodstone Hill Until Reaver took over Bloodstone and became the king of depravity and corruption, this was known as the place to go to enjoy a night of sin. HOC 4000 2stars

* Becomes available after completing T.O.B.Y..


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Blood from a Stone 1b Bloodstone Front Serious pirates never leave port without the latest in augments. Augments 14000 3stars
Bloodstone Fish Stall 2b Bloodstone Front The one produce you can get in Bloodstone that is actually fresh. Food 3250 1star
Bloodstone Pie Stall 3b Bloodstone Front Guaranteed to stay fresh for months at sea. Food 2500 1star
Bloodstone Gift Stall 4b Bloodstone Front Even pirates need a present now and then. Gifts 5500 1star
Bloodstone Fruit & Veg Stall 10b Bloodstone Hill Most Bloodstoners refuse to eat fruit and vegetables that haven't been injected with alcohol. Food 1750 1star
Bloodsmith 1 Bloodstone Front A fine range of tools for disemboweling friends and enemies alike. Weapons 56000 4stars
Needles of Death* 2 Bloodstone Front Less than half the customers at this tattooist die of blood poisoning. Tattoo 22000 1star
The Leper's Arms 3 Bloodstone Front Drunkenness is a way of life for Bloodstoners. For most of them, this is their permanent address. Tavern 48000 4stars
Your Health is Low 4 Bloodstone Front Do you often wake up suffocating in a pool of your own blood? Our potions may help. Potions 18000 3stars
The Bloodstone Shipyard 5 Bloodstone Front This is listed on the region info as a merchant, but not for sale.
Fiendish Fashions 2 Bloodstone Hill Fed up with bloodstains on your clothes? Our fabrics wash clean in no time. Ideal for Psychopaths. Clothing 28000 4stars
Curl Up And Die 6 Bloodstone Hill Cutthroat razors are used for everything here, even the application of make-up. Hairstyles, Makeup and Dyes 36000 4stars
The Furniture Graveyard 8 Bloodstone Hill A delightful selection of furniture, with optional torture attachments. Furniture 42000 4stars

* Becomes available after completing T.O.B.Y..

Knothole IslandEdit

Properties available: 6


Name Address Description Bonuses Base Value Stars
Alira's Mole House 2 Lakeside Alira was Knothole Island's most famous beauty. Men queued for hours at her door just to catch a glimpse of her adorable mole. AM 16000
Warrior's Rest House 3 Lakeside This was one of the first homes to be built when the Knothole tribe settled the island. It was awarded to their bravest and strongest warrior after he survived the Weather Shrines. BB 12000


Name Address Description Product Base Value Stars
Greta's Cosmetics 1 Lakeside Founded by the stylist Greta and her husband Mervin the alchemist. Together they developed new ways to manipulate flesh and bone and sculpt the perfect human body. Hairstyles, Makeup and Dyes 32000
Knothole Miscellany Stall 1b Lakeside If it's miscellaneous you're after, this is the shop for you. General Goods 3500
Knothole Stonecutter 4 Lakeside The stonecutters of Knothole have taken the art of augmentation to new and interesting places. Knothole Island itself provides rare minerals ideal for shaping into powerful augments. Augments, Weapons 72000
Box of Secrets 5 Lakeside Great surprises await the valiant trader in Albion's most unique shop. Special Items, outfits, weapons 52000

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