All spells available in Fable II have a targeted and area effect version. To target, the player simply points the left thumbstick toward their desired target then releases the spell. Most spells do noticeably higher damage and/or have a much longer duration when targeted. When higher ranks of spells are learned, they must be charged for a certain amount of time (depending on the rank) before being released. As higher ranks for spells are bought, lower ranked spells will gain more powerful while higher ranked spells will take less time to charge.

If the player wants to cast charged spells (as in higher than level 1), they should start the charging with area even if they want to cast a target, just turn it into a target by moving the stick AFTER the charging is complete. This is due to the game making any charging that began as a target spell take twice as long to charge.

Caster Level Total Will Exp spent Level 1 Spells Level 2 Spells Level 3 Spells
1 0 100% Damage 100% Damage 100% Damage
2 10,000 300% Damage 150% Damage 100% Damage
3 40,000 400% Damage 200% Damage 100% Damage
4 180,000 600% Damage 300% Damage 150% Damage
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