A list of all expressions in Fable II.

Flirty Expressions Edit

The 'Flirty' section of the Expressions Wheel is known as 'Playful' during Childhood.

Name Availability
Blow Kiss Learned at 2500 renown
Come Back to My Place Available at Fiction Burns (the book "Come Hither Dear"). Also inside the upstairs dresser in Serenity Farm.
Heroic Pose Learned During Childhood
Pickup Line Learned During Adolescence.
Seduce Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood or by accepting the quest Till Death Do Us Part
Whistle Learned During Childhood
Worship Purchase the Fiction Burns store, and find it on the top floor bookshelf.

Fun Expressions Edit

Name Availability
Belch Available at Fiction Burns and as a Reward.
Dance Learned During Adolescence (Likely a variation of a Russian Jig)
Fart Learned During Childhood
Hat, Headband, Moustache Reward in Fable II Pub Games. Given to you by Murgo in "See the Future" as a book (Hat, Headband, Moustache)
Laugh Learned at 75% Good Morality
Sock Puppet Available at Fiction Burns During Adulthood.
Victory Arm Pump Learned During Childhood

Rude Expressions Edit

Name Availability
Beg Learned during Adolescence
Chicken Learned during Childhood
Kiss My Ass Learned at 20,000 renown
Middle Finger Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood and in the Tattered Spire
Play Dead Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood, or found in Bowerstone Cemetery
Point & Laugh Learned during Childhood
Vulgar Thrust Available at Fiction Burns and as a reward.

Scary Expressions Edit

Name Availability
Extort Learn at 100% Evil Morality
Bloodlust Roar Learned during Childhood
Feign Attack Visit The Fable 2 website and play A Hero's Tale
Growl Learned at Childhood
Scary Laugh Learned at 10,000 renown
Slap Learned at Adolescence
Threaten Learned at 50% Evil Morality

Social Expressions Edit

Name Availability
Apologise Learned at 25% Good Morality, doesn't appear on Expression Wheel, only on D-Pad menu
Thumbs Up Learned during Childhood
Thumbs Down Learned during Childhood
Follow Learned at 100 renown
Gift Learned at Adolescence
Lute Purchase a Lute from a merchant
Trophy Learned after acquiring your first trophy (Thag's Head)
Dismiss Used to make Followers go away

Dog Expressions Edit

Name Availability
Praise Learned during Adolescence
Treat Buy a treat at a general store, one must have one to perform the expression
Fetch Buy a rubber ball from a general store
Punish Learned during Adolescence
Heal Learned during Adolescence, Dog Elixir needed, comes from Theresa's chest

Dog Tricks Edit

Name Availability
Backflip Win a 2 star Fortune's Tower Tournament on Fable II Pub Games using Xbox Live Arcade or given to you by Murgo in "See the Future".
Begging Purchased at Fiction Burns book store
Bunny Hop Chest in Bower Lake or chest in the Snowglobe Village as part of See the Future DLC.
Growl Chest in Gargoyle's Trove
Hide Snout Random dig spots, NPC gift, chests, or Fiction Burns book store
Play Dead Chest in Bowerstone Cemetery
Roll Over Purchase at Fiction Burns Book store
Tail Chase Purchase at Fiction Burns Book store
Targeted Urination Purchase at Fiction Burns Book store
Wave Random dig spot, npc gift, chest, or at Fiction Burns Book store

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