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This page details the locations of the Ancient Scrolls used in the Archaeologist quest. In each case, entering the appropriate region will cause the dog to react to a dig spot; follow him to the location. If the dog does not immediately react (e.g. when entering Wraithmarsh), ensure that any nearby enemies are defeated.

# Clue Location Renown Reward
1. "Oldest part of the city" Bowerstone Old Town 75
2. "Dark cathedral, overlooking the ocean" Rookridge, Oakfield Road 100
3. "Where the dead dwell" Bowerstone Cemetery, near the Shelley Crypt 125
4. "Life, fertility, rebirth" Oakfield, near Temple of Light 150
5. "Home to wanderers and travellers" Bower Lake, in the Gypsy Camp 200
6. "In the shadow of a tower" Brightwood, south of the Tower 250
7. "Winding path by the ocean" Bandit Coast, at the end of Westcliff Road 300
8. "Sea-licked sand looked upon by a mountain etched with battle" Westcliff, on the beach of Westcliff Camp 350
9. "Cave by a beach" Gemstone Grotto in Rookridge 450
10. "A town called Oakvale" Wraithmarsh, outside the Shadow Court 500
11. "Site where Twinblade's camp once stood" Bloodstone, next to a wrecked cart 550
12. "Ground sacred to Heroes" Guild Cave, in ruins of the library 600
13. "Deep, winding cave...can see the ocean through its walls" Reaver's Rear Passage in Bloodstone 700

Note: Scrolls 1 - 3 can be collected upon completing the A Bridge Too Far quest.

Scrolls 4 - 9 can be collected once you have returned from the Tattered Spire.

Scrolls 10 - 13 can be collected once the main plot is complete; if you no longer have your dog, the glowing trail will lead you to the dig spot instead.

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