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Expressions are a gameplay feature in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters that can be used to impress or scare the various citizens of Albion.

Social Expressions[]

Acquired at the beginning of the game.

Icon Name Availability
Belch.jpg Belch Beginning of Game
Fart.jpg Fart Beginning of Game
Follow.jpg Follow Beginning of Game
Wait.jpg Wait Beginning of Game
Giggle.jpg Giggle Beginning of Game


Acquired by becoming more famous.

Icon Name Availability
Bloodlustroar.jpg Blood Lust Roar Renown Rank 5
Flirt.jpg Flirt Beginning of Game
Manlyarmpump.jpg Manly Arm Pump Renown Rank 2
Scarylaugh.jpg Scary Laugh Renown Rank 3
Sexyheropose.jpg Sexy Hero Pose Renown Rank 4
Sneer.jpg Sneer Renown Rank 1


Acquired based on your current alignment.

Icon Name Availability
Airguitar.jpg Air Guitar Slightly Evil
Apologise.jpg Apologise Slightly Good
Cossackdance.jpg Cossack Dance Beginning of Game
Crotchgrab.jpg Crotch Grab Extremely Good
Discodance.jpg Disco Dance Extremely Good
Flamencodance.jpg Flamenco Dance Moderately Good
Kissmyass.jpg Kiss My Ass Multiple Alignments
Middlefinger.jpg Middle Finger Moderately Evil
Tapdance.jpg Tap Dance Multiple Alignments
Thanks.jpg Thanks Moderately Good
Vulgarthrust.jpg Vulgar Thrust Extremely Evil
  • If Apologise is used after committing a crime (either to the villager reporting it or a guard), any non-violent crimes will be forgiven and fines dropped.
  • Oddly the Hero can do an evil laugh with his mouth closed.


Icon Name Availability
Lockpick.jpg Lockpick

Guile Rank 6

Steal.jpg Steal Guile Rank 3

The Lost Chapters[]

Fable: The Lost Chapters added, among other things, new Expressions. Here is a list of those new expressions.

Icon Name Availability
Avisto.jpg Avisto Oracle of Snowspire Quest
Calran.jpg Calran Oracle of Snowspire Quest
Moryk.jpg Moryk Oracle of Snowspire Quest
Yeron.jpg Yeron Oracle of Snowspire Quest
Ballet.jpg Ballet Dance Extremely Good
Cockadoodledoo.jpg Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Chicken Kicking Competition
Insult.jpg Insult Moderately Evil