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Lion's Head Isle
Island near Bloodstone
Lion's Head Isle.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Treasure Island of Doom!
Enemies Beetles
Exits Bloodstone

Lion's Head Isle is an island where Captain Dread buried his treasure. The Hero journeys here to claim the treasure during the Treasure Island of Doom! quest. There is a gargoyle and a silver key located on the island.

The Hero must take The Marianne to get here. There is a shipwreck on the beach which has two chests of treasure in. There is another central island in the middle surrounded by water and waterfalls. Beetles also infest the island.

The Hero can travel back to the island any time by going to The Marianne which is docked near The Sinkhole in Bloodstone.

Treasure Locations[]

  • Inside the back half of the broken ship on the beach
  • On a small beach on the edge of the isle (swim around the rock wall in the water. Its to the left when looking at the ocean)
  • On the deck of the front half of the broken ship (you need to jump down from a ledge on to it)
  • On a ledge to the left of the diving spot above the island/lake
  • Buried on the lake island
  • Sunken in the lake
  • Behind the tree on the lake island
  • Behind a waterfall
  • In the cave above the lake behind some wooden planks
  • On the ledge below the cave when returning to the beach from the lake


  • The name of Lion's Head Isle is an obvious reference to Fable II's maker, Lionhead Studios.
  • The island is shaped like a Lion's head, hence the name. This is easiest to see when on one of the cliffs surrounding the central island.
  • There is a Gargoyle head to the left of the waterfall when leaving the center island.
  • Go to the right of the cave that exits the center island to find a silver key.