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Lightwater Village
Fictional location in Fable III
Lightwater Village.JPG
Location Information
Related Quests The Game
Enemies Hobbes
Hollow Men
Demonic Chickens
Exits Bowerstone Market
"So it was that the Hero came to the little village of Lightwater, a pretty hamlet nestling under the brooding battlements of the evil baron's castle."
— Mark

Lightwater Village is a village in a game, as part of the quest, The Game in Fable III. It is not part of Albion but part of an RPG board game, Hollows and Hobbes. Once transported here, the Hero has to speak to cardboard cut outs of villagers, either speaking directly to Arturo the Gate Keeper, or to the other three residents: Old Clem the Blacksmith, Mildred, and Horace the Poet.

The village itself is small and quaint. However, the Baron's Tower looms ominously on a nearby hill.



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