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Lieutenant Simmons
Lieutenant Simmons
Species Previously: Human
Before second death: Hollow Man
Gender Male
Home Mourningwood Fort
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Deceased
"Lt. Simmons. His death was untimely and unscheduled."
— Lieutenant Simmons's gravestone

Lieutenant Simmons is a Boss in Fable III. He was a recently-deceased soldier who was killed during a hollow man attack on Mourningwood Fort while serving under Major Swift. He appears after a wisp flies into his grave and possesses his already rotten corpse. His cadaver appears to have decayed quickly, as he only died the night before the Hero of Brightwall's arrival at the fort. The Lieutenant's arms seem to be nothing but bones, and his face seems to be almost completely rotten. His stomach appears to have been blasted open, along with his lower jaw. However his stomach seems to still be large. This may either be due to the swelling the corpse goes through long after death or it may be a sign that he had gone back for seconds a few times; the latter is supported by the fact that when he resurrects, Major Swift tells him he had "Specifically instructed him to stay buried." He also seems to sport a rather tall hairstyle and uses two swords. He also uses a weaved Shock and Blades spell as well.

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the few characters (including hollow men, shadows and Twinblade) to wield two weapons at once.
  • Once he is defeated, his head becomes a Trophy in the trophy room of the Sanctuary or as a mounted house decoration.
  • It is interesting to note that even though Lieutenant Simmons looks to have been in the ground for quite awhile, Major Swift in fact states that he and two other soldiers died the night before from a Hollow Man attack.
  • It actually takes two wisps to resurrect him, whether this is caused by his size or just used for dramatic effect is unknown.
  • He uses Will (Shock + Blades combo) during the boss fight. He is actually a sort of prototype of the deadly "Summoner" Hollow Man foe, the leader-figure of all future Hollow Man skirmishes, almost immediately encountered after the Hollow Legion quest-juncture - the only difference at all being the lack of "Blades" ability on the part of these Summoner Hollowmen, who cast Shock magical attacks abundantly.
  • He has his own legendary weapon, Simmons's Shotgun.
  • After the Understone Quest Pack has been downloaded, his character model appears in the quest Reaver's Wheel of Misfortune in the Hollow Man room.
  • His name is a reference to Gary Simmons, who worked as a Producer across the Fable games.
  • There is a house in Bowerstone Old Quarter that shares the same name as Lieutenant Simmons.


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