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Type Side Quest
Preceding Awakening
Succeeding None
Start Dark Sanctum
End Dark Sanctum
Reward 10 Guild Seals
Access to the Sacrificial Barbecue Pit
Achievement icon.pngThe Dark Sanctum

Leverage is a Fable III quest given in Mourningwood by Lesley. He asks the Hero to find the control lever handle and complete the restoration of the Dark Sanctum.


Follow the trail up the stairs and through the door. Keep going straight on and you'll find the same platform staircase similar to the one in the Reliquary. Work your way to the left and eventually a staircase will appear so you can get up. You'll now have to fight some hollow men. Once they're dead, continue to the other side of the place. While on the platforms a group of crows will attack. On the other-side you'll be attacked by Hollow Men again. When you killed them, go down to be attacked by crows again. When the crows are dead, bring up the last platforms to reach of other side.

Follow the trail to a door and open it. You'll find a stone coffin. Search it to find the Ancient Lever, and release a load of wisps that were also contained inside. They will spawn hollow men; kill them and then follow the trail back to Lesley. He'll thank you for returning the handle and the quest is done.

Moral Outcomes
  • 50 Evil each time you use the Sacrificial Barbecue Pit.


Lesley needs some assistance bringing the Dark Sanctum to life once more.


You've managed to return the lever to Lesley and his cult. Now they can use the Sacrificial Barbecue Pit whenever they like.


You may have noticed a melee Flit Switch behind some rubble in the final room containing the coffin and the lever. Return to the Sanctum a few days after completing the quest, and Lesley will have finished the excavations. You will then be able to return to this room and access the flit switch. See the Dark Sanctum article for more details.

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