Species Human
Gender Male
Home Mourningwood
Enemies Rhys
First Appearance Fable III - Peace, Love, and Homicide
Last Appearance Fable III
Status Alive
"Time for an evil laugh, do you think? Yeah, yeah, I think so...MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah."
— Lesley

Lesley is a character in Fable III who wants to open up the Dark Sanctum again. Although he is evil, he is extremely incompetent. He displays this through his stumbling in long, wordy speeches and his need to show off his over-dramaticized evil tendencies, like his "evil" laugh. Finally, although it is never explicitly stated, it is heavily implied that Lesley is a cannibal.

He first appears in Mourningwood standing next to a force field blocking off the ruins to the Dark Sanctum. Although thrilled with the prospect of finding a potential kindred evil soul, he seeks proof as to the Hero's evil beliefs. This proof comes in the form of the first quest he gives, Peace, Love, and Homicide, where he wants you to kill an eco warrior named Rhys. If you decide to kill him, the overjoyed Lesley says, "Thanks for the murder," and suggests he may need help again.

That help takes the form of a 5,000 gold donation in order to start excavating and reconstructing the Dark Sanctum in the quest Excavation. Unfortunately, he realizes that the ruins are infested with hordes of Hollow Men who quickly prove to be a burden on construction. As a response, he calls upon the Hero once more to destroy them, giving out the quest Awakening.

Once the quests have been completed, the Dark Sanctum is opened. There, the Hero can perform macabre actions such as human sacrifice and can, after solving a puzzle, obtain the legendary hammer known as The Tenderiser.

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