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Legendary Weapons are weapons of great value, with stories offering slight insight of their former owners. They are found behind Demon Doors, in Silver Chests and by doing certain tasks. Many legendary weapons are confined to folklore, and are said to have been used by the Kings and great Heroes of the past.

Nature of Legendary Weapons[]

Legendary weapons generally offer Heroes more power, granting their power to those worthy of using them. Filled with the powers of warriors from the past, these weapons of legend and myth are often great additions to any Heroes arsenal. Through special bonding, and mystical powers, the augments of the weapons are stuck within. Obtaining such weapons requires a test of Skill, Strength or wits.

While most of these rare weapons are more powerful than weapons bought from blacksmiths, not all Heroes use them for combat. Keeping these relics of history as trophies, some armouries have been known to contain them in a collection. Those who prefer crafting their own weapon to become legend either collect or sell these unique objects.

While it is known that these weapons have augmented powers, not a lot is known about the process used by Heroes or blacksmiths to create such permanent bonding. During the time of the Hero of Bowerstone a device is available that can remove augments the Hero puts in weapons, however it is unable to bypass the bonding from legendary weapons.

Though the powers of the augments are readily available upon obtaining these weapons in Fable and Fable II, during the time of Fable III their power must be unlocked by the Hero of Brightwall. It is unknown how this change happened, or why, but it furthers the challenge of obtaining fully unlocked weapons.

Properties of Legendary Status[]

To gain the legendary status these weapons follow special guidelines. Following is a list determined by common features, each displayed throughout the games.

  • Legendary weapons must be unique in appearance.(Fable III is the one exception due to weapon morph limitations)
  • Legendary weapons must be available only once in the game.(Excludes NPC usage and glitches)
  • Legendary weapons must have some challenge to obtain them.(All weapons are found in places requiring a task to reach, e.g. silver chests require a set number of keys to open.)


  • Despite legendary weapons being rare and unique, sometimes they can be seen equipped by NPC's. Examples of this is Ben Finn and Commander Milton in Fable III, both of whom can be seen with a Wreckager.

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