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Leaders and Followers
Leaders and Followers.png
Type Main Quest
Preceding In Wolf's Clothing
Succeeding The Mistpeak Monorail
Start Brightwall Village
End Dweller Camp
Reward 100 Guild Seals
The support of Samuel and the people of Brightwall
The support of Sabine and the Dwellers
Achievement icon.pngAnd So It Begins

Leaders and Followers is a series of smaller quests that must be completed to earn the respect of the people of Brightwall, and spread the cheer and feeling of goodwill so that they might send aid to the Dweller Camp.


You start by entering the pub to find Samuel and Sir Walter.  In this part of the quest, you must gain 30 Guild Seals to gain the trust of the Brightwall people. At this point you are introduced to the questing aspect of the game and must complete one of the four quests found in Brightwall:

Guild Seals Required: You need to collect 30 more Guild Seals and earn the following of the people of Brightwall in order to continue with Leaders and Followers.

After choosing and completing one of the four quests available, you may continue to quest or earn seals in any way of your choosing such as through building relationships with citizens or fighting. Once you have earned the 30 Guild Seals, go the entrance of Brightwall Village and promise Samuel that you will reopen Brightwall Academy once you have become king/queen, earning you another 50 Guild Seals. Samuel will then give you the eponymous title "The Hero of Brightwall". You will then return to the Dweller Camp and make a similar promise to Sabine; to restore the mountains of Mistpeak and return them to the Dwellers, earning yourself an additional 50 Guild Seals. Once both promises have been made, you will be transported back to the Road to Rule to spend your Guild Seals and proceed to the Mistpeak Monorail with Sir Walter.

Quests Suspended: Meeting with Walter will suspend all quests until you arrive in Bowerstone.


  • There is a glitch in this quest that can occur when returning to Samuel by the village gate. When you enter the glowing circle and get cheered by the villagers, Samuel may not be there. This prevents the player from continuing the game, as there is no way to leave the circle of people. The only known fix for this currently is to start a new game, but this may not always work. This "Return to Samuel" issue is known to Lionhead.
  • It's recommended that after completing each part of this quest, you save your game manually. This will allow you to reload your game if you get this glitch.

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