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Quest Required: In order to initially access the tomb, Love Hurts must be active.

Lady Grey's Tomb
Tomb in Fairfax Gardens
Lady Grey's Tomb.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Love Hurts
Enemies Beetles
Exits Fairfax Gardens

Lady Grey's Tomb is located in Fairfax Gardens. Although a relatively-noticable landmark of the Fairfax Gardens, Lady Grey's Tomb is inaccessible until one accepts the Love Hurts quest, which is available after completing Stranded.

The most important item found within the sand-covered tomb is Lady Grey's head, which is found in a sarcophagus, lying beneath a large statue similar to the one seen in Twinblade's Tomb. It is revealed in the final Witchspotter's note that Lady Grey named the tomb after herself, as she intended it to be her burial site. The structure seems to span the entire length of Fairfax Gardens.

The tomb is infested with Beetles, and initially they will attack only after the player removes Lady Grey's Head.

There is a gargoyle statue at the beginning before you vault down the "well" to the tomb, on the other side of the entrance hole, up on the rock to the right. There is also a silver key in the second room, the one with the steps exiting the tomb. Also there are at least two chests in the main room. The first chest is behind you as you jump down into the hole just after entering the tomb, just at the rear of a post, another is just left of Lady Grey's sarcophagus.