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Kraken's Jaw
Region of Albion
FableTheJourney May 03
Location Information
Featured in Fable: The Journey
Related Quests The Kraken's Teeth
Journey's End
Enemies Harbingers
Corrupted Hobbes
Corrupted Balverines
Exits Deepgorge

Kraken's Jaw is a long beach located in north-west Albion that is crossed in Fable: The Journey. The beach is named for the razor-sharp rocks that line the shore. At the north end of the beach, the Ironwash River flows out of Deepgorge into the Grey Sea. At the southern end, on a small headland, lies an old Cullis Gate.

The beach is a popular destination for the workers of Deepgorge, and Reaver Industries has been known to send employees there if they are under extreme stress.

Fable: The JourneyEdit

Fifty years after the defeat of the Crawler at the hands of the Hero of Brightwall, Theresa recruited the Dweller Gabriel to retrieve the Willstones of the greatest Three Heroes of the Old Kingdom in order to close the rift between Albion and the Void created by the Tattered Spire. After a long journey through the Edgelands and northern Albion, their journey finally ended on Kraken's Jaw beach, where the duo resolved to use the deactivated Cullis Gate to teleport to the Spire. On learning that he would have to abandon his horse Seren, Gabriel attempted to fight off the creatures of the Corruption, only to eventually agree and travel through the Cullis Gate to stop The Corruptor from invading.

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