Knothole Stonecutter is the stonecutter on Knothole Island. According to the sign outside, it's full name is Muriel's House of Magical Stones. It is located next to the Box of Secrets. It also is the only non-gypsy stonecutter. It sells weapons as well.


Base Value: 72000 gold

Stars: 5stars

Address: 4 Lakeside, Knothole Island

History: The stonecutters of Knothole have taken the art of augmentation to new and interesting places. Knothole Island itself provides rare minerals ideal for shaping into powerful augments.


  • Instead of buying weapons from Blacksmiths or weapon stands, you can buy weapons from Knothole Stonecutter after making it rain. These cost up to 100.000 and can be resold in Fairfax gardens for 20.000-30.000 more. Plus discounts, and you can get an extremely good profit from this.
  • Many of the weapons sold at the Knothole Stonecutters have more augment slots than their counterparts found on the mainland. This means that many of the weapons sold have up to 4 augments slots for use rather than the common 1 or 2 slots from weapons bought elsewhere. This allows for more customisation and can greatly improve the damage or effects of your weapons.
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