Knothole Guard Outfit
Effects 524 Armour
-16 Attractiveness
-16 Scariness
Source Heroes' Guild (DLC)
Base value 552 gold

The Knothole Guard Outfit is a unique outfit in Fable Anniversary. It is included in the Launch Day Outfits & Weapons Pack. Once downloaded, the pieces of the outfit must be purchased from the merchant in the Heroes' Guild.

Description Edit

An outfit designed for the more upperclass Guard, one who knows his rights from his wrongs, but still not necessarily his 'left' from his 'right'.

Consists of 5 PiecesEdit

Knothole Guard Hat

No matter what hairstyle you have, you can't go wrong with a red hat over the top.

  • Armour Rating: 52
  • Base Value: 79 Gold
  • Attractiveness: 0
  • Scariness: 0
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Knothole Guard Shirt

The criminals will see you coming from a mile off in this well thought out red shirt. That us a good thing, right?

  • Armour Rating: 210
  • Base Value: 314 Gold
  • Attractiveness: -5
  • Scariness: -5
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Knothole Guard Trousers

These trousers will shrink by half each time they are washed. but we do provide discounts on perfume to work around this.

  • Armour Rating: 184
  • Base Value: 274 Gold
  • Attractiveness: -5
  • Scariness: -5
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Knothole Guard Gloves

Gloves designed in a colour not to show a single speak of blood. Clever, that.

  • Armour Rating: 52
  • Base Value: 79 Gold
  • Attractiveness: -5
  • Scariness: -5
  • Alignment Modifier: 0
Knothole Guard Boots

You'll look almost regal in these boots.

  • Armour Rating: 26
  • Base Value: 39 Gold
  • Attractiveness: -1
  • Scariness: -1
  • Alignment Modifier: 0

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