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Killing the Guildmaster
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Gold Quest Icon.png Gold Quest
Preceding Collecting your Mother's Soul / Killing Briar Rose
Succeeding The Final Battle
Start Heroes' Guild
End Heroes' Guild
Reward 1000 Renown
Trophies None
Boasts ???

Killing the Guildmaster is a gold quest in Fable: The Lost Chapters forming part of The Souls of Heroes.

If you pick to get the Guildmaster's soul instead of Nostro's, head to the guild woods. Note, this is the evil quest option. There, a few guards will say that you can come no further. If you continue, they will attack you. Now, simply enter the Guild Woods. There, the Guildmaster will be aiding the guards by casting spells on them as they attack you. After that, a cinematic of you killing him and collecting his soul will appear.


The Guildmaster is in the Guild Woods, and he is surrounded by guards. He will not attack you directly, either out of mercy or the fact that he raised you like a son. Instead, he will heal and shield his guards. After defeating him, he claims to have powers "you could not even imagine." But before he can show them to you, your hero kicks him down and impales him, thus gaining his soul. He offers you a chance to go after Nostro before you kill him.


  • Even if your hero is wielding the Stick, a Greathammer, or a Mace, he will still be seen impaling the Guildmaster.
  • The Guildmaster will offer you to collect Nostro's soul, instead.
  • The Guildmaster will always say that Jack's using you to destroy the Guild even if you don't kill Thunder nor Briar Rose.

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