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FableTJ Katlan2
Species Human
Gender Male
Home Albion
Relationships Gabriel (Friend)
First Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Last Appearance Fable: The Journey
Status Deceased
"I can't always be there lookin' out for you."
— Katlan to Gabriel

Katlan is a character featured in Fable: Edge of the World and Fable: The Journey. He is the newly-appointed leader of the Dweller tribe to which Gabriel belongs, and the two are old friends.

In Fable: The Journey, Katlan happily recalls a time when he and Gabriel were youngsters, playing at being Heroes. However, by Fable: Edge of the World, an older Katlan, now recently named leader of the tribe, dismisses Heroes as being nothing more than the figures of old fables. He constantly feels the need to reprimand Gabriel about his continued obsession with Heroes, who have not been seen since the disapperance of the Hero of Brightwall, and for painting Reaver, an extremely rich and powerful figure, in a bad light. Although he gets Gabriel to stop telling stories of Heroes to the children of the tribe, he cannot end Gabriel's fascination with the old legends.

Katlan first appears in Fable: The Journey leading said Dweller tribe through the Edgelands on their annual migration to Shalefields when he notices that Gabriel is missing. Finding his friend in Kerr's Halt caring for his horse, Seren, Katlan guides Gabriel through the Albion Way for a bit before joining the rest of the convoy, expecting Gabriel to catch up with the convoy to cross Reaver's Reach.Unfortunately, Gabriel's carelessness results in him being far behind the convoy upon reaching the bridge. As he approaches, a storm coming from The Spire strikes it, destroying a section of the crossing. It is then that Katlan suggests Gabriel find a way around, beginning his fateful journey.

After crossing the Ironwash River through Sable's Crossing, Gabriel comes upon the ruins of Katlan's Dweller convoy. To his horror, he finds Katlan mortally wounded, revealing that the group was ambushed by a group of corrupted balverines. After Gabriel defeats the creatures, Katlan reconciles with his friend, admitting that after bearing witness to Gabriel's newfound abilities that Heroes did indeed still exist before passing away.

Trivia Edit

  • In Fable: The Journey, Katlan was voiced by Max Brown.