Judge's Steel
Judge's Steel
Weapon Information
Type Cutlass
Damage 71
Base Value 18,600 gold
Augmentations Divine Favour
Acquisition Knothole Island
Rating 4stars

Judge's Steel is a legendary cutlass in the Fable II DLC Knothole Island. It can only be found on Knothole Island in the Box of Secrets shop. It does extra damage to evil creatures similar to the The Rising Sun.


Not much is known of the figure most called the White Judge. Only that he sought out wrongdoings wherever he went, and spared no one in order to right them. No sword has struck down more evil, or dealt such brutal justice.

It once belonged to a Hero known as the White Judge, but washed up on the shores of Knothole Island. It is available after completing Knothole Island's Huge Heat.


  • You must trade a Monk's Robe in order to obtain Judge's Steel.
  • This weapon has a faster attack speed than other cutlasses in Fable II.

Trivia Edit

  • This weapon has a unique sound when sheathing/unsheathing.
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