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Species Hobbe (formerly Human)
Gender Male
Relatives Herman (Father)
First Appearance Fable II - The Journey Begins
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Dead

Joey is the son of Herman, a worried father that the Hero of Bowerstone finds in Rookridge on his way to Oakfield. It is unknown where he and his dad live, but they appeared to be camping outside Hobbe Cave.

Joey decided to explore the cave leaving his dad in worry. Not much is known about him because by the time he is found he has been turned into a Hobbe. He either ends up killing his father Herman or, if the Hero kills Joey soon enough, his father appears to die anyway, possibly from the shock of seeing his son as a Hobbe. This may be that he has only passed out due to the fact that his body is still pushable like any other downed character before they die. He however can be moved by walking against his "corpse" so he may have only passed out. He is fairly easy to fight and only takes one hit to kill.

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