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A Jeweller is someone who owns a Gift stall or shop in Fable II. They may also be a wandering trader selling only jewellery. They sell all sorts of gifts from toys to necklaces to diamonds. As with all shops the prices and quality of goods depend on the economic state of things. Jewellers tend to have a rather romantic state of mind and loves the fact that you care romantically for other people in Albion. Jewellers can be found on roads and at nearly every major town in the game.

A player usually visits a jeweller to obtain a ring for marital reasons, although they also sell a very wide variety of valuable gems, autograph cards, and even gifts for children. Jewellers are nearly always a wandering trader, a few settle down (for example, the one in Bowerstone Market,) in certain towns, but never grow beyond a small stall.

Jewellers are also quite rich by appearance, the aforementioned Bowerstone Market saleswoman is of much higher class than her surrounding community. Also, despite being only small, most jeweller stalls are very expensive to buy.

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