Species Human
Gender Female
Home Knothole Island
Enemies The Chieftain
First Appearance Fable II - Knothole Island
Last Appearance Fable II - Knothole Island
Status Alive

Jessica is a character in Fable II. She is the owner of the Box of Secrets shop on Knothole Island.

Unlike many of the villagers of Knothole Island, Jessica interacts on a more regular basis with outsiders from Albion, ranging from pirates to adventurers, from who she has acquired an incredible assortment of various goods. She trades these items for produce, clothing, and other items from the mainland. It may be the interaction with these outsiders that gives Jessica her trademark independence, a trait rarely seen in the secluded island. As such, she is one of the few people who stands up to The Chieftain. Unlike her fellow villagers, she also has an extensive knowledge of the island's history, and as such provides background for the recovery of the Knothole Island Volumes.

When Gordon brings the Hero to the island to help them with their weather problem, Jessica is one of the few villagers that expresses optimism at their chance of success. She also gives insight to the weather problems besetting the island, praising the Hero for their efforts while insulting the lazy and greedy Chieftain.

At the end of the Weather Quests, when all the totems are gathered, the village has to decide on who has the power to change the weather. In this standoff between the people and the Chieftain, the Hero can choose to side with Jessica, who is appointed representative of the people and promptly exiles the Chieftain from the island, giving the people the power of the Weather Chamber.

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