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Species Human
Gender Male
Home Bowerstone Castle, Sanctuary
Relationships Hero of Brightwall (Master/Mistress, Friend)
Hero of Bowerstone (Former Master/Mistress, Friend)

Logan (Former Master)
Walter Beck (Friend, Ally)
Dog (Fable III) (Friend)

Enemies Logan
The Crawler
First Appearance Fable III
Last Appearance Fable: Edge of the World
Status Alive
"Flawless! Who could resist you?"
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall

Jasper is the butler of the Royal Family in Fable III voiced by John Cleese. He's a well spoken man, hating anything that lacks hygiene, especially bats. After the intro with the Rebel Chicken, Jasper is the first character to speak in the game.

Having served the Hero of Bowerstone in their later years, Jasper was tasked by them to take care of their children, a task that he dutifully attended to. Jasper later served as the attendant for the Hero of Brightwall's sibling, Logan, before he was released from those duties for an unspecified reason.

The game starts with Jasper rousing the Hero and their dog from their bed in Bowerstone Castle, informing the Hero that their presence has been requested by their childhood sweetheart, Elise/Elliot. He is also fully aware of Logan's gradual slide to tyranny, advising the Hero early on to avoid their brother. The next time Jasper saw his friend, Logan had forced them to choose between executing either their lover or a group of protestors for daring to challenge his dictorial position.

Comforting his grieving friend, the duo are soon interrupted by Walter Beck, who proclaims that the time has come for Logan to be removed from the throne. Spurring thoughts of revolution in the Hero of Brightwall, they depart the castle through the Catacombs with both Walter and Jasper in tow. When the trio are unable to move on, it is Jasper who notices the Guild Seal symbol, which he correctly hypothesizes could be activated with a proper application of Will. Following the path to a Cullis Gate, the group instantly teleport into a secret sanctum built by the Hero of Bowerstone known as the Sanctuary.

After entering the Sanctuary, he will find a book left by the Hero of Bowerstone containing information on all there is to know about being a Hero and the room itself. After acquainting himself with the book, he readies the Sanctuary for use as a base and gives the Hero recommendations on how to proceed with gaining revolutionary allies. He will reside in the Sanctuary for most of the game, and will make recommendations on the player's wardrobe and weaponry based on the situation or mission the player is embarking upon. If you approach Jasper and press A, he'll explain anything in the room that you're in.

After The Crawler is defeated by the Hero of Brightwall, Jasper congratulates his friend and master, proclaiming that they not only saved Albion from Darkness, but also performed a feat that even the Hero of Bowerstone could not have bested.

CANONICITY WARNING: The following information is derived from Fable: Edge of the World.

Jasper returns in Fable: Edge of the World, finally having left the Sanctuary to attend to his master's wedding to Laylah, a duty that the Hero knows that Jasper secretly enjoys. However, the wedding is interrupted by the sudden appearance of Shan, who informs the court that his homeland of Samarkand is under attack by the resurgent Darkness. Before heading off to the far away desert land to deal with the threat, the Hero takes his new bride to the Sanctuary, where he takes the Guild Seal and introduces her to Jasper. Jasper continues to manage the Sanctuary while his friend adventures in Samarkand until the Darkness takes over the kingdom of Albion, along with the Sanctuary. Fortunately, Jasper was able to narrowily escape the Sanctuary into Mistpeak Valley, as he was warned in advance by a cryptic message sent from Laylah.

End of Canonicity Warning


  • Jasper looks almost identical to the butler at the end of Fable II, if the player has purchased Fairfax Castle.
  • His humour is inspired by Monty Python, a group of British comedians which John Cleese was a member of. Source: Lionhead
  • Jasper's appearance is similar to that of John Cleese, his voice actor.
  • He apparently has as much AI as the dog in Fable II, and any other NPC found in the Fable games. (Stated by Peter Molyneux here).
  • A headstone reading "Chris Gibson. Got in Jasper's way." can be found near Mourningwood Fort.
  • There is a bug where Jasper will become mute for the rest of the game, this can possibly be game-breaking by not allowing you to receive certain items. Fortunately, there is a cure! Jasper Mute Glitch - Fixed!!
  • Jasper dislikes bats, as shown in Leaving The Castle.
  • In the Fable III Limited Collectors Edition card deck, Jasper is the Jack of Hearts and is seen holding a chicken on one half and a lit bomb on the other half.
  • If you play online co-op with another hero who has not finished the game or become King/Queen, he repeats the statements made when you return to the sanctuary after becoming King/Queen and beating the game upon your next two returns to the sanctuary. This is a good way to hear these statements should you have missed them the first time around.
  • During the Hero's encounter with The Crawler, Jasper will disappear from the sanctuary. However, after the encounter, Jasper will return as if nothing has happened, and will not even mention his disappearance.
  • While in the Sanctuary's armoury, Jasper will often remark, "Any one of these is ideal for home defence." This is likely a reference to the film The Terminator. In the film, during the scene when the Terminator is perusing weapons at a pawn shop, the clerk says this exact line.


"Whatever you say -- or don't."
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall
"No, no don't do that! Not that I would presume to tell you your business. I merely request that your business does not include scaring me like that."
— Jasper to a Hero wearing scary clothes
"Excellent! I salute you -- metaphorically speaking -- my bursitis is acting up today."
— Jasper on the Military Suit
"Well if someone was looking to hire a mercenary, I should think they would look no further than you. There's a compliment in there -- I'm sure of it."
— Jasper to a good Hero wearing the Women's Mercenary Suit
"Ah! Ah... that is... such a truly wonderful combination, I think I may need to go lie down."
— Jasper to an evil Hero wearing the Women's Mercenary Suit
"Some boots are made for dancing, some for walking; those boots were made for... Good heavens."
— Jasper on the Women's Mercenary Boots
"A wonderful choice of glove! You know those are designed to handle the crown; they have a special no-slip palm."
— Jasper on the Queen's Gloves
"Any Princess would be proud to call those slippers her own. Although if she did you would probably say, "Hey, those are mine!""
— Jasper on the Elegant Princes Slippers
"I hesitate to ask, but what is our plan? Other than leaving the castle far behind us, which I wholly approve of, obviously."
— Jasper to Sir Walter.
"Hello, Sir/Madam. This is Jasper. Uh, hello? Is, is this, is this how you use..."
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall, when he is communicating through the Guild Seal, for the first time.
"I see you're approaching Brightwall, a most charming little Hamlet. And a good opportunity to acquaint yourself with the good, honest people of the kingdom, far from the bustle of the city and the factory smoke. Of course, a less charitable mind would term them simpletons but I encourage you to shop in their stores, drink in their taverns and, otherwise, partake in their small town pleasures."
— Jasper to the Hero, upon his/her arrival in Brightwall
"It is a momentous occasion, Sir/Madam. Your first victory in battle. I'm no expert in personal combat, but I would say, based on the fact that you're not dead, that you acquitted yourself well. It's hard to believe that just a few days ago, I was rousing you from your comfortable bed."
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall, through the Guild Seal, after they have succeeded in defeating Saker in the quest In Wolf's Clothing.
"It would seem your heroism has to be put to the test once again, Sir/Madam. May I suggest that you return to the Sanctuary and inspect the map. There appear to be numerous opportunities available."
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall, after being asked by Page to earn more Renown, after the quest The Bowerstone Resistance.
"Burning a foe can have a profound psychological impact on his fellows. Unless they're heartless brigands or mindless animals, which probably encompasses the vast majority of your foes. Still, it will look dramatic."
— Jasper to the Hero of Brightwall, when equipping the Fireball Spell Gauntlet.
"...the kingdom is doomed."
— Jasper muttering after he awakes the Hero and pets the Hero's Dog.


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