Jack of Blades is a playable character in the XBL Arcade hack-and-slash adventure game, Fable Heroes.

Description Edit

Jack of Blades FH

An ancient evil, Jack of Blades once ruled Albion as part of the Court before his defeat at the hands of William Black. However, Black was only able to destroy Jack’s physical form, and his spirit lived on in his Mask. He continued his reign of terror by possessing any being unfortunate enough to put it on, and Jack was not truly vanquished until the Hero of Oakvale destroyed the Mask at the Bronze Gate. While this Doll does appear to be wearing the Mask, it’s probably safe to assume Jack has not returned as a tiny puppet, ready to enslave Albion with acts of unspeakable cuteness.

— Description of Jack of Blades from Fable Friday

Notes Edit

  • Jack of Blades can be unlocked as a playable Hero puppet after completing the final level of Dark Albion (Fable Heroes).
  • Jack is one of two playable characters that uses both ranged and melee attacks. He wields the Sword of Aeons in combination with a Fireball Spell Gauntlet.
  • Unlocking all abilities for Jack of Blades awards the player an avatar item for dressing up their Xbox Live avatar. The item awarded to the player is Jack's mask.
  • A DLC Jack of Blades skin for Minecraft was announced on the Play XBLA website and will be available for download on 16 July 2012.
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