Ironwash River
River in northern Albion
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Featured in Fable: The Journey

The Ironwash River is a massive river located in northern Albion. It effectively serves as the border between mainland Albion and the northern frontier lands known as the Edgelands.

Separating Shalefields from Fairwood, the Ironwash River has had a major effect on the history of development in the Edgelands. Originally, one had to go around the Ironwash River, and several small routes were constructed for this purpose. Along these roads, inns, several small villages, and a few surprisingly large towns all sprung up, built to accomodate those who wished to travel around the Ironwash River to and from Albion and the Edgelands.

This ended abruptly with the growing influence of the business monopoly and factory brand known as Reaver Industries. Hoping to make a tidy profit from those who made this crossing, the company set up the massive new bridge known as Reaver's Reach, which cut through the Ironwash River and easily connected Albion and the Edgelands. This redirected all traffic through Reaver's Reach, cutting down travel times and travel risk while only paying a simple toll to Reaver Industries. Unfortunately, while this greatly benefitted Reaver Industries, it destroyed all the roadside settlements, as no one travelled through the old paths anymore. This loss of economic stimulation from the travellers lead to the closure of many of these settlements, with their villagers going south to find work in the great factories of the very company that put them out of business.

While easily the most famous and expansive crossing, Reaver's Reach is not the only way to cross the Ironwash River. Theresa mentions a ferry crossing, and Betty referred to the existance of the recently constructed Sable's Crossing, a relatively unreliable bridge that had already floated away four times in its brief history.

Crossing the Ironwash River was a major goal and obstacle for Gabriel during his journey to the Spire. Originally cut off from his Dweller tribe following the destruction of Reaver's Reach, he had to go through the old, now-forgotten paths, facing a myriad of dangers, challenges, and allies, and gathering the power needed to defeat the Corruptor.