Inferno is a spell from Fable II. In its untargeted form, it summons up waves of fire which radiate out from the Hero, damaging opponents around him. This effect is much like the spell Enflame, from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary. The Targeted form resembles the Fireball spell from Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters, and Fable Anniversary, in that it lobs a flaming projectile at a single opponent, scorching them for more damage than the radial wave.


Send forth a ball of trailing flames at an enemy, or scorch all those around you by summoning a ring of fire.


Level Cost Targeted Damage Surround Damage
1 350 20 13
2 2,100 120 80
3 12,600 480 320
4 50,400 1,440 960
5 151,200 2,880 1,920

Notes Edit

  • While not as powerful as Shock, it has no limit as to how many people it can damage.
  • For each level learned, Inferno adds one additional wave to the area of effect attack.
  • Either because of a bug, or by design, some enemies completely avoid getting damaged by the attack.
  • Each wave appears one after the other, radiating from the centre outwards.
  • Inferno does extra damage against Hollow Men.
  • Higher levels of Inferno will cause enemies to catch fire briefly, this does little damage but is a useful crowd control ability as whilst on fire they won't be attacking you. This effect extends to both the targeted and surround versions of the spell.
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