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In Mourning
In Mourning.jpg
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Masquerade
Succeeding None
Start Mourningwood
End Mourningwood
Reward 5 Guild Seals

In Mourning is a quest which becomes available after leaving the Masquerade Party. Sarah wishes to visit the grave of her husband, a soldier who was stationed at Mourningwood Fort and killed while on duty.


When you arrive, a delicate woman requests an escort to her husband's gravesite in the Mourningwood cemetery, and of course, she would like to hold your hand along the way. While following the "bread crumb" path, predictably, you will fight off hordes of Hollow Men, as well as any other craziness that Mourningwood has to offer up. Upon arrival, Sarah will request to be left alone at her significant other's grave, and you will be allowed to leave her.


A widow wishes to visit the grave of her dead husband.


You escorted Sarah to the grave of her husband, where she is now deep in quiet thought. Perhaps she might think about having his remains moved and interred somewhere a bit more convenient.


  • Although you are free to take Sarah to the Dark Sanctum, and she even will ask if you're getting lost, it is not possible to sacrifice her. She simply will not stand in the centre of the grill.
  • The player can simply outrun very carefully while still holding Sarah's hand the multiple groups of spawning Hollow Men; as soon as the grave-site of the bereaved is reached, the quest is registered as complete. However, as soon as completed, the massed undead shall attack you (not Sarah) and you will have to dispatch at least some of the Hollow Men.


  • A glitch can occur in which the game does not register the quest as complete and does not pay out, even though flowers are later shown as lying on grave.

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