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Ice Shrine
Dungeon on Knothole Island
Ice Shrine.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Knothole Island's Big Freeze
Enemies Hobbes
Exits Knothole Island

The Ice Shrine is a weather shrine on Knothole Island, accessible in the Fable II DLC Knothole Island. It holds the Sun Totem within it's forgotten halls.

The Ice Shrine is found on Knothole Island, off the coast of mainland Albion. It was constructed a long time ago by an ancient civilization who had enough propensity with Will to control the weather. This was essential for the tribe of Knothole Glade, who relocated there after tiring of balverine attacks and bad weather. Recovering all the totems, the tribe lived in peace, until they realized that the easy use of the totems was making them weaker. Placing them back in the shrines, the tribe soon realized its mistake when their warriors proved too weak to recover the totems.

This shrine is the main destination in the Weather Quest Knothole Island's Big Freeze, where the Hero must go through a series of puzzles before reaching the Sun Totem. It is only accessible during the island's winter, when the ice bridges up the mountain are in place, otherwise you can vault off of the cliff into either a river (raining) or a river bed (sunny). The Ice Key must be recovered before entrance is permitted.

As it has lay dormant for years, the Ice Shrine has attracted various creatures, such as hobbes. Various shadows call the Ice Shrine home as well.

In addition to the Sun Totem, one can find the Knothole Knight's Trousers within.

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