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Hunter's Lodge
Area of Mistpeak Valley
Location Information
Exits Mistpeak Valley

Hunter's Lodge is a location in Fable III, included with the LCE downloadable content pack. The download code for this pack is included with the Xbox 360 Limited Collector's Edition and all of the pack's content can be downloaded for free by PC players. Once you have completed the quest In Wolf's Clothing, you will receive the land deed to the lodge and be able to reach it.


Hunter's Lodge is a large house, situated in a secluded region just off Mistpeak Valley. It is full of decent-quality furniture. The downstairs is accessible through the front door and the upstairs through a staircase at the side of the house. The downstairs consists of a living room, while the upstairs has a child's bedroom and an adult's bedroom. The grounds are covered in snow with a bending path bordered by lanterns and there are dig spots, a couple of chests around containing items, an Old Kingdom ruin and the chest containing the Limited Collectors Edition items resides in the house itself. This consists of the Auroran Men's and Woman's Suit and the Boxer Dog Breed Potion.

No enemies will come into the area, which makes it a perfect family home. The property can't be sold or rented out, however if you divorce a partner while they are "moved in" to the lodge, you get half of the property's value, which is around 30,000 gold. You can then buy the house back for a bit more than 60,000 gold.

Whilst an ideal property for ensuring family safety, arguably the safest in the game especially in the final stages of the narrative, leaving the area immediately exposes the Hero to either wolf or Balverine packs (dependent upon unstated "Hero Level"); in short, idyllic parent-child walks, marital picnics, etc. in the surrounding area are not advised.

If villagers are taken by the hand and brought here on foot or via fast travel, they will remain in this area indefinitely.

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