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Howling Halls
Dungeon in Westcliff
Crypt 1280.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Road to Westcliff
Enemies Balverines
NPCs Lilith
Exits Westcliff

The Howling Halls are a series of small halls and passages that act as a link between South Westcliff and North Westcliff. You first enter them during the main storyline quest in Fable II, in which you follow a woman who is wishing to rescue her son. Be warned, though, there are around 10 Balverines in the halls, which can be quite difficult to those of lower levels. The woman says "Children, I bring you flesh.." in a deep demonic voice. She then transforms into a White Balverine and attacks, having led you there presumably to let the other Balverines devour you and Hammer. Those who try to be clever and kill the White Balverine before escorting her will be met with a demonic laugh as she jumps into the air. The woman will then meet the player in the halls at the point where she would normally transform. Interestingly, Hammer does not comment on your apparent attempt at murder or the woman's disappearance.

There is one gargoyle located in the main, cavernous hall, just after the spiky pit on the right (over the bridge), look upwards.

A Silver Key can be found at the top of the spiral staircase, after the main hall in a room.


Use of the Raise the Dead spell within the Howling Halls conjures Spectral Balverines which are excellent allies in your fight here.




Fable 2 pt.31 - The Howling Halls

Walkthrough of Howling Halls.