House of Sock is a "new" home in Oakfield. It will only be there if you completed Defender of the Light. It has to be built in the time the Hero was in the Tattered Spire. Meredith Sock's grave can be visited before going to the Spire, thus he cannot have lived here.

Stats Edit

Base Value: 4800 gold
Stars: 2stars
Address: 2 Ocean Walk, Oakfield
History: This is the cottage where best-selling novelist Meredith Sock wrote many of his books. Though his main abode was one of the nicer houses in Bowerstone, this is where he would retire from the public eye to write his next great work, sometimes for over a week at a time.
Bonuses: Five Minutes of Fame

Furniture Edit

  • Double Bed x1
  • Drawers x2
  • Cupboard x2
  • Closet x2
  • Comfy Chair x2
  • Bookcase x2
  • Stove x1
  • Dressers x1
  • Sink x1
  • Dining Table x1