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Hook Coast
Fable Region
Hook Coast.png
Location Information
Related Quests Gateway to Hook Coast
Return to Hook Coast
The Ship of the Drowned
Enemies Screamers
NPCs Maze
Exits None

Hook Coast is a location in Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. It is a port town located on a small island off the mainland Albion. It has a very tall lighthouse that contains a silver key chest and a silver key. Physically, it is pretty barren of most vegetation except for a few evergreen trees, considering it is always snowing. There are several shops including a weapons shop and a tavern. The only way Hook Coast can be accessed is via a Cullis Gate.

Map Description[]

A place of strange portents and secret inhabitants.


It is revealed by the Snowspire Oracle that during the time of the third Archon, a group of monks came to a barren coast and built a monastery on it to escape the cities and people in the rest of the world. Later other people arrived and built a town around the monastery. Years later when the monks predicted the destruction of the Old Kingdom, they used the last of their strength to cast a barrier around Hook Coast. The barrier succeeded, but at a cost. All the monks had died and the power from the explosion and barrier left the imprints of where the monks stood. Since then, Hook Coast has been the only intact remnant from the Old Kingdom. The economy centres around fishing.


Maze, Theresa and the Hero in the Hook Coast Abbey

The only way to reach Hook Coast for the first time is through the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood. Once the Hero arrives in Hook Coast, the Cullis Gate will be active and can be used by the Hero anytime. Hook Coast is also where the Hero of Oakvale finds out that Maze was working with Jack of Blades to help recover the Sword of Aeons. After passing through a magical barrier which the Guildmaster needed to take down with an incantation spoken through the Hero's guild seal, a cinematic scene plays where the Hero finds out that Jack captured Theresa and brought her to the Abbey in Hook Coast, where Maze began a complicated ritual on his behalf to summon the Septimal Key. The Hero soon appeared, searching for Jack. As Maze attempted to trick the Hero to believe Theresa was a danger, Jack struck him from behind and trapped him in a magical cage. Maze completed the ritual and was ordered to take them to the Chamber of Fate, but after Jack left, Theresa used her last ounce of Will to free the Hero before Maze warped her away.

The Hero then fought Maze through town and across to the lighthouse, where he finally killed him. On his dying breath, Maze revealed that it was his fear of death, which he considered his mission to avoid, that motivated him to aid Jack of Blades. Maze bitterly admitted that he failed in that mission. Jack later said that, as he had outlived his usefulness, Maze would have died anyway.

The lighthouse in Hook Coast is also used by the Hero of Oakvale to summon the Ship of the Drowned with the Fire Heart. This ship allows the Hero to reach the Lost Bay in the Northern Wastes.

Abbey Graves[]

  • Leroy Simpson. Turned drunken stupors into an artform.
  • M. Ducker. Barred from all drinking establishments after amassing large tavern debts. The strain was too much.
  • Master bard R. Shaw lies here. His music can be heard wherever you go.
  • L McCormack. Was painting the Abbey’s ceiling wen the roof fell on his head.
  • Joss ‘AAA’ Moore. Thought he knew everything there was to know about physics… until he fell off a cliff.
  • Here lies M Rose, cast from the Abbey for listening to dark bards and painting his fingernails.
  • J. Shaw. Caused the monks distress. He liked to wear a dress.
  • Bennie Cook. Feel into a stew and so was true to his name.
  • P Nettleton. Too fond of wine for his own good.
  • In this grave are buried the remains of all past Lighthouse keepers.
  • Here are the remains of Richard Ham, one of Hook Coast’s leading monks. His voice resonated through the Abbey.


  • During the Assassin Attacks quest, an Assassin will attack the Hero near the bell at the end of the northern row of houses.
  • The first house in the row of buildings leading to the tavern has no front door, but it is actually a dwelling and a fine will be received for entering after dark.
  • In the Xbox version of Fable, a book can be found in the house at the top of the town called The Story of 'X' that has no real value. This was most likely a placeholder that was accidently left in the game by the developers, as it was changed for Tofu in Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • For some reason, there is a Seagull stuck in the terrain. It's just under one of the barriers that surround the town near the first set of stairs, in between the Tavern and the Weapon Shop. Since its stuck inside of the barrier, you can't see it straight away. It's possible to use Force Push at such an angle, so that it can be seen, but this will immediately kill the creature.


  • All the inhabitants of Hook Coast have very light-coloured hair and eyes. This could be a result of the community's small population and isolation from the rest of Albion, or it could simply be an aesthetic choice on the part of the designers. Many of the villagers also seem to wear drab grey clothing, which matches the region's cold, bleak landscape.
  • Hook coast is known for crafting durable pickhammers and cleavers. It is also known for the bands of Pirates that have attacked the city.
  • It has the largest and therefore most expensive Pub property to buy.
  • Guards within Hook Coast are of the 5th regiment, which are one of the most powerful types of guards.
  • Hook Coast was the name of one of the beta test groups for Fable Legends.
  • On the map in Fable, Fable TLC, and Fable Anniversary, lines seem to radiate outwards from Hook Coast.
  • Design Documents for Fable imply that there was meant to be an NPC called The Boatman who would take you to the Isle of Bones. This whole sub-plot was removed from the original Fable and ended up being used as a means to travel to The Northern Wastes in Fable: The Lost Chapters.
  • Concept Art for Hook Coast suggests that it wasn't always meant to have a snowy environment. It also had other differences, such as the Lighthouse being on the other side of the town and the Abbey being connected to the town, rather than being inside of it.
  • A Hook Coast Lighthouse Lever can be found in the game files and goes unused. It's assumed that perhaps it played a role in the Ship of the Drowned and the Travel to Necropolis quests, which were intended for the original Fable.


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