Demon Door Realm
Serenity farm
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Exits Oakfield

Homestead is a realm in Albion accessible through the Oakfield Demon Door. It is within this realm in which Serenity Farm is located.

Description Edit

The Demon Door wishes to see a display of true love and affection in order to be opened. To access the realm, the Hero must do one of two things:

  • Single Heroes must become engaged in front of the door. This is accomplished by having the object of your affection follow you to the door and presenting them with a ring.
  • Married Heroes may simply use the "blow kiss" expression.

The Demon Door will be so touched by these expressions of "true love" that he will open.

Serenity Farm Edit

Serenity Farm is rightly named because it is simply a place of serenity and peace. The Hero cannot be harmed, or have enemies follow into the locale. It is a great place for a family, since the majority of spouses are extremely satisfied with the home. The farm features a moderate-sized home, a large parcel of land that includes chicken coops, a well, and a windmill. The colours of the the realm are very vibrant and vivid, giving the grass a unique green colour. The sky is composed of blues and purples and has fast-moving clouds, similar in appearance to the "A Perfect World" section of the game.

The loading screen for the realm gives some insight into how it was created:

"...that this is an idyllic house fashioned by Will users in the Old Kingdom of Albion"

On the description of the house, it mentions that many great Heroes have lived there, including the one who vanquished Jack of Blades - the Hero of Oakvale who was said to have spent his last years in this retreat.

The Hero can find one of the legendary weapons in this realm; the Hammerthyst. It is located within a chest in the windmill.

Obtainable Items Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This area was also shown in the demo for the co-op feature in the game, where Peter's partner killed his husband, but it was not concealed in a Demon Door.

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