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Hobnobbing With Hobbes
Hobnobbing with Hobbes.jpg
Type Side Quest
Preceding Do the Ends Justify the Means?
Succeeding None
Start Millfields
End Dankwater Cavern
Reward 5 Guild Seals

Hobnobbing With Hobbes is a quest in Fable III. There is a man in Millfields who wants to study hobbes in order to write a book about them. He asks you to take him to a cave in the north east corner of the map.


Talk to the author, Dans Mourir, in Millfields to receive this quest, then simply take him by the hand and lead him to the cave. Along the way he talks about how he thinks that hobbes can be reasoned with and may be able to live in human cities and homes. There will be a group of hobbes outside the cave entrance, which you will need to deal with to continue, something the author doesn't really seem to mind you doing. Once inside you will need to fight your way past two or three more groups until you reach a dead end. The author decides that this is a good spot to observe the hobbes from and asks you to leave him. At this point the quest is complete.

When you next return the author will be gone from where you left him and you will be able to proceed further into the cave.


Take Dans Mourir to a hobbe cave so he can study the creatures.


That's it, you've successfully delivered Dans Mourir to the hobbe cave. But can a hobbe be reasoned with? Will you ever see Dans Mourir again?


  • The author has the same clothes, voice, and figure as the default male figure in the Fable 3 Villager Maker.
  • After the quest, when the rest of the cave opens up you can discover his diary with the results of him living with the Hobbes. It seems they ate him.
  • If you return the exact spot that you left Dans, there is a letter on the ground written by Arthur, insulting him.
  • This quest provides some insight into Hobbe culture. At one point, you overlook a room full of hobbes dancing, cheering, talking, and worshipping something.
  • Where Dans has left his first journal note, there is a bag hanging in the corner with an arm hanging out. Possibly Dans.
  • Dans name literally translates in French to "In Dying", which is fitting, as he went in to the cave to die.


  • On rare occasions, while holding Dans Mourir's hand, your hero will only be able to walk, making the quest take a lot more time to complete.
  • Accidentally trying to take Dans through the small lake in front of the cave entrance will result in him becoming stuck, and making the quest incompletable.
  • On occasion, Dans Mourir gets killed by bandits or balverines, making the quest impossible to complete.
  • Sometimes the Gnome perched in the rocks near the first Treasure Chest can only be banished by melee weapon.

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