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Location Unlocked: This quest unlocks access to Echo Mine.

Hobbe Squatters
Type Side Quest
Preceding The Spire
Succeeding None
Start Oakfield, Temple of Light
End Oakfield, Echo Mine
Reward 3500 Renown
Trophies Hobbe Leg

Hobbe Squatters is a side quest in Fable II in Oakfield, it becomes available after completing the Tattered Spire quest.


Following your stint as one of Lucien's guards on The Spire, you'll meet a cross-dressing man named Tommy at the Temple of Light who tells you that he's been kicked out of his "cosy little cavern" by a family of Hobbes. He wants you to venture into his cave (Echo Mine) and slay the beasts so that he can go home. To get started, fast-travel to the Rookridge Road in Oakfield and head north, killing any of the Hobbe resistance outside of the mine.

Once you're in Echo Mine, you'll be moving through several Hobbe-infested rooms. In each of these, you'll find a piece of diary chronicling one man's transformation into a Hobbe (the full story can be gleaned by reading Cave Diary Page 1, Cave Diary Page 2, Cave Diary Page 3, Cave Diary Page 4, and Cave Diary Page 5). Your objective here is to kill all fifteen Hobbes and their leader, therefore allowing Tommy to return to his "home". When the leader is dead, ransack a random item from the final chest and then return to the cave entrance to report the good news to the cross-dressing homemaker.

Apparently, Tommy wanted you to get eaten and isn't too happy to see that you've managed to kill all the Hobbes. You can then kill him and get Tommy's Cavern Key from his corpse, allowing you to leave the cave. Upon exiting the mine, you'll receive 3500 renown points and the Hobbe Leg Trophy.

Logbook Information[]

A group of Hobbes have infested a cave that just happens to be someone's home.

Oakfield can sigh with relief. No longer will women's underwear disappear from laundry lines.


If you get a head shot on Tommy, sometimes he just becomes stiff and falls to the ground.

Other times, his head may still become decapitated, but his 'hair' will disappear, along with his makeup, and a generic severed head will be rolling around. Since Tommy seems to be the only cross-dressing male NPC in the game, it is understandable.

  • The above-mentioned glitch may also just be because Tommy has started morphing into a Hobbe; when the player gets a headshot on a Hobbe, they are never decapitated.

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