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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest. For the location, see Hobbe Caves. For the location in Fable II, see Hobbe Cave (Fable II).
Hobbe Cave
Quest Card Emblem.png
Type Silver Quest Icon.png Silver Quest
Preceding Trader Escort
Succeeding None
Start Rose Cottage
End Rose Cottage
Reward 5500 Gold
400 Renown
Trophies Hobbe Head
Boasts 6

Hobbe Cave is a Silver Quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.


An old woman in Greatwood says her grandson is missing.


The quest begins by speaking to the old woman who lives in the Rose Cottage. She will say her grandson James went to explore the Hobbe Caves with his friends. She will give the Hero a Hexagon Key which will be used later on. Afterwards, head to the Hobbe Caves. The caves, as their name suggests, are infested with Hobbes. From the entrance, the side chamber may be reached, where a bandit is being kept as a prisoner. If all the Hobbes in this chamber is killed, the bandit will be free and he may join the hero to search the caves for treasure. The treasure is found in the Main Chamber in two chests. Once you reach the Focus Chamber, you will find James, who is held captive by a Water Nymph. If the bandit is still alive, you will have the option of trading the boy for him, but it will give you evil points. If you want to be good or the bandit is dead, the Nymph must be killed to free James. Once James is free, you will be attacked by Hobbes again. You must be careful to keep them away from the boy or they may kill him.

Once you exit the cave, if the bandit survived, he will ask for his part of the booty. If you accept to hand it over, he will let you keep some of it since you saved his life. This will also give you good points. James will then lead you to the Rose Cottage, only to reveal he wanted to run away from his grandmother. After you get your reward, James will run out of the region.


  • If you sacrifice the bandit to free the boy, then return later without having saved the bandit, a keg can be found in the same spot.
  • If you took the Sacrifice Innocent boast for the quest and replace James with the bandit, then free the bandit by killing the Nymph, you still receive the reward for the boast.
  • During the quest, in the Hobbe Cave Larder. If you haven't already opened the Silver Key Chest the bandit will state: "Ah, stupid Silver Key chest! We'll never get that opened." However, if you have enough keys, the bandit will then say "Oh... you managed to open it; you can keep the reward from that."
  • It is possible to kill James after the quest is complete as long as one does so before he runs away from the region. This makes him the only child in the original game which is possible to kill.
  • It is possible to marry the old woman after the end of the quest as she'll react as a normal NPC to the flirting expressions, but she'll need to be taken to a town with a marital home available.

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