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Hobbe Cave
Cave in Rookridge
The Hobbe Cave (Fable II).jpg
Location Information
Related Quests The Journey Begins
Love Hurts
The Rescue
Enemies Hobbes
NPCs Herman
Exits Rookridge

The Hobbe Cave is a large cave in Rookridge that is encountered quite early on in Fable II.

You first discover the Hobbe Cave when the Hero is travelling through Rookridge to Oakfield to recruit the Hero of Strength. He/She finds that the Rookridge Bridge has been destroyed by Dash and his Bandits, three of which urge the Hero to jump into the water.

After jumping off the bridge the Hero discovers a small beach with an abandoned encampment on it, and at the back of the beach is the entrance to the cave. The Hero is met there by Herman, who says that his son Joey is lost in the cave. He begs you to enter the cave with him and find his son (Strangely enough, the Hero can turn off his/her safety and shoot Herman. Doing this will result in not hearing Hobbe Joey's voice).

At first the cave is quiet (except for the cowardly screams and moans from Herman), but the Hero soon encounters a group of small Hobbes feasting on a dead man on abandoned mine cart tracks. After a short battle the Hero and Herman move on and encounter more Hobbes along the way.

Not long after, Herman hears a voice ahead and runs towards the source of the noise. When the Hero follows, he is ambushed by a group of hobbes hiding in barrels. After the battle the Hero meets back up with Joey's father at a large, sealed door. He asks you to try to find another way around while he tries to open the door. The Hero finds a way around, which passes through a cavern that looks like a slaughter house. Joey's father also manages to open the door where he is confronted with the sight of his son, now turned into Hobbe. If the Hero is quick enough, then they can kill the Hobbe before Herman dies, but even if you do kill the Hobbe before it strikes Herman, he dies.

Theresa then tells you to "show no mercy and get out of there". The Hero battles their way to a ladder and exits the cave. They then appears from a trap door inside the abandoned Carriage House.

You are also required to travel through this cave during the missions The Rescue and Love Hurts.

This Hobbe cave appears to be far less sophisticated than the Hobbe cave in Fable, which included a number of rooms, doorways and stairs. It is unknown whether Hobbes are able to expand their cave systems. Indeed, the Hobbe Cave in Fable II appears to be nothing more than an abandoned mine.