Enemy Information
Type Human
Games Fable II
First Appearance Bandit Coast
Related Quests The Hero of Will
The Crucible
The Crucible Champion
The Hit

Highwaymen are a type of enemy in Fable II. They are a unique type of bandit who excel in speed, agility, and swordsmanship. Their highly agile abilities are much like the Sand Fury in Fable III. Highwaymen are first encountered in the quest The Hero of Will while you are passing through the Bandit Coast. After the quest Tattered Spire you will have the opportunity to find the highwaymen guild, by killing highwaymen and finding pieces of the map to their headquarters at the Forsaken Fortress. You then discover that the highwaymen were sent to kill you by Lucien. Defeating the leader of the guild, Darius Zing, will reward the player with a trophy, Lucien's Contract.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Highwaymen are unlike any other bandit ever encountered, they can jump as high as a Balverine and land with ease ready to attack. Highwaymen are typically very hard to strike and usually utilize incredibly fast and relatively powerful strikes. Disarming a highwayman will result in him simply jumping high into the air and coming back down with a new weapon each time, insulting you for trying to do so.

Society and CultureEdit

Highwaymen are similar to bandits, yet seem to have a more organized and sophisticated society. They seem to care more about hygiene, neatness, and posture than their more rebellious cousins. They also speak with a higher vocabulary and speak much clearer than the normal rabble of Albion.


  • Darius Zing is the only Highwayman seen wearing the Highwayman Hat.
  • Attempting to disarm them when they have their pistol equipped will merely result in them missing, and not being disarmed.
  • In Fable III, players can acquire the Highwayman suit, a more contemporary set of Highwayman attire, but Highwaymen themselves do not make an appearance.
  • The Fable II Highwayman bears a remarkable resemblance to the "Dread Pirate Roberts," a pirate from The Princess Bride.
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