Zw-Highlander Men's Suit
The Highlander Men's Suit is a DLC outfit in Fable III. It is included for free in new copies of the game or it can be purchased on the Xbox LIVE marketplace. The female counterpart is the Highlander Women's Suit.

Summon the spirit of the highlands with this new outfit, perfect for charging into battle with a rebellious roar. The outfit comprises a bonnet, bracer's, boots, top and kilt. These items will be added to your gift queue in the Sanctuary, and will be available when clothes are unlocked in the storyline. Please be aware that retail copies of Fable III contain a code to receive this outfit and you may already own it.

—Description from Xbox LIVE Marketplace

The outfit consists of the following items:

  • Highlander Men's Bonnet
  • Highlander Men's Top
  • Highlander Men's Bracers
  • Highlander Men's Kilt
  • Highlander Men's Boots


  • If you're wearing the lower half of the outfit during the assassination scene at the beginning of the Traitor's Keep DLC, it will show the back of the throne instead.


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