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Cellar in Bowerstone Market
Location Information
Related Quests Crime & Punishment
Enemies Mercenaries
NPCs Nigel Ferret
Exits Bowerstone Market

The Hideout is a location to which you are sent during the quest Crime & Punishment. Located in Bowerstone Market, it becomes the base of operations for Nigel Ferret and his gang once he relocates from Bowerstone Industrial. The entrance to The Hideout is located underneath the bridge, on the side of the river where the stalls are located, and can only be accessed once the key has been obtained during the quest Crime & Punishment.

Following the ascension of the Hero of Brightwall to the monarchy, Page informs Albion's new ruler that all criminals have flocked to Nigel Ferret's banner. His secret base, however, is found after a failed robbery at The Cock in the Crown pub, where the Hero found a message detailing the way to the hideout. The hideout itself is an impressive base, well-stocked with supplies, ammunition, and mercenaries. After fighting through them and gathering the random loot, the Hero chases Nigel Ferret into the jails found within the base, where the boastful criminal takes refuge. Confident in his escape through a supposed secret passage built in the jail, Nigel Ferret discovers to his horror that said passage was built in the adjacent cell. Now locked up, it is up to the Hero to decide what to do with him.

Once that quest has been completed, The Hideout can be accessed at any time by using the door to the right of the one used initially. This area contains one Silver Key, in a jail cell on the lowest level.


  • In the basement (where the Silver Key is located), behind a stack of crates, there is a hobbe locked in a cell who is worshipping a crate adorned with pink hearts, as well as a cake on the adjacent table. These are references to the game Portal.

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