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Heroes is the name for mystical warriors within the Fable universe, they are extraordinary humans with knowledge and the power over the three heroic disciplines of Strength, Skill, and Will. The first known hero was William Black, who in ancient times saved Albion from the Court by using magical powers that came to be known as the "Powers of Will".

Since then many heroes, both righteous and evil, have walked Albion and accepted quests given to them by the people of Albion. These quests have earned them renown and gold. These quests can be undertaken at the Guild of Heroes but need a certain amount of Renown to take them. Also, thanks to Weaver, Heroes may choose the path of good or evil freely.

Not all heroes are the same in talents, each one is usually only able to be adept or even master one of the disciplines, though some heroes may be able to be adept at two disciplines such as Thunder, who was not only very strong but was able to cast lightning. His immense height and battle prowess also indicated he may have been able to access skill though height itself may not be a strong indicator as the Hero of Skill was quite short. It may be that one needs to completely master all areas of skill to increase their stature as this is true of Will; a hero needs to have more mastery of magic and spells for the Will Lines to appear.

It is very rare that a hero may possess control over all three of the heroic disciplines (Strength, Skill and Will) the Hero of Oakvale, the Hero of Bower Lake and the Hero of Brightwall possess control over these three disciplines, as they belong to the Black bloodline and are the descendants of William Black. True descendants of the bloodline seem to always be able to master all three disciplines. However, the Hero of Brightwall needed special gauntlets to be able to access Will, indicating that the gauntlets are use as an attributed to the hero's lack of training.


The history of Heroes is a rich tradition dating back to the days of the Old Kingdom. After William Black, the first Hero, destroyed the dictatorial group known as the Court, Black proceeded to unite Albion into its first kingdom and have several children. Unfortunately, with no enemy to fight, the first Archon's children grew petty and cruel. Calling themselves "Heroes," these children used their incredible mastery over the powers of Will to terrorize the people of Albion. Faced with a decay of his body, William Black wrapped himself in gold mail and a royal blue cloak, vanishing from the Kingdom. The Old Kingdom continued to persevere without Black, however, with a series of Archons rising to rule the increasingly corrupt Kingdom. During the final days of the Kingdom, the last Archon ordered the construction of the Tattered Spire, a massive tower that channeled all of Albion's Will power.

Unfortunately, this opened a rift between Albion and the Void, which the Crawler attempted to go through to invade Albion. The Kingdom's greatest champions, the Three Heroes known as Sol, Blaze, and Stone, attempted to combine their powers to stop the Crawler and close the rift. Through the efforts of these early Heroes, the Crawler was imprisoned within Shadelight dungeon and the rift was closed. However, the Spire was destroyed, and the released Will energy annihilated the Old Kingdom.

Many years later, Albion's dark period of anarchy, known as the Fallow Wars, ended with the sudden appearance of the eastern bandit named Nostro. Founding the Heroes' Guild, these Heroes were able to enforce peace upon Albion's bickering people. Unfortunately, at the peak of Nostro's power, this great leader was corrupted by a woman named Magdalena. Through her, the Heroes' Guild too was corrupted, reduced to a simple house of mercenaries. Eventually, Nostro was assassinated, but his legacy survived in the form of the Heroes' Guild.

The Heroes' Guild continued to offer quests for many years after the death of Nostro, although the Guild only offered virtuous quests. The young Hero Weaver led a short rebellion against the Guild with a group of heroes (one being Maze) in order to allow future Heroes to choose either virtuous or evil quests. It was then that Scythe reappeared once again, bestowing the title of Guildmaster upon Weaver. Maze would also go on to become the head of the Guild, a position even higher than Weaver's.

Some years later, The Hero of Oakvale would be rescued by Maze after a bandit attack, and received training from the Guildmaster alongside Whisper. The Hero discovered a plot by Jack of Blades to recover the Septimal Key and claim the Sword of Aeons using his bloodline. During this time, Maze was revealed as an agent of Jack's and was defeated in a duel by the Hero of Oakvale. Although the Hero (with the aid of Thunder, Briar Rose and the Guild's apprentices) was unable to stop Jack from activating the Focus Sites around Albion, Jack would be defeated in the Chamber of Fate.

One year after Jack's original defeat, the Hero of Oakvale would once again destroy Jack completely (who had returned as a Dragon).

Some time after the Hero of Oakvale defeated Jack of Blades and subsequently disappeared, Heroes became a burden to Albion. They started to steal from and even kill villagers, leading to the people of nearby towns and villages rising up against them. Heroes were hunted down after the invention of the gun from Samarkand, which equalized the fight between the common man and the Heroes. After all Heroes were killed or forced into hiding, the mob burned the Heroes' Guild to the ground.

In the new age, nearly 500 years after the death of Jack, Heroes have long since been forgotten, except in children's stories. Their return began with the rise of the Hero of Bowerstone (a descendant of the Hero of Oakvale) who, after defeating Lucien and saving the land from the threat of the Tattered Spire, would go on to unite the country under a monarchy and become ruler of Albion. With the death of the Hero of Bowerstone, the only known living Heroes are his/her heir, the Hero of Brightwall, the seer Theresa and the elusive rogue known as Reaver.

Upon taking the throne, the Hero of Brightwall becomes known as the "Hero King/Queen," and many proclaim through the posters of Albion the glorious return of Heroes. This could indicate that, by the time of Albion's Industrial Revolution and through the efforts of the Hero of Bowerstone and the Hero of Brightwall, Heroes are seen as a positive force in Albion once more.

Unfortunately, fifty years after the Kingdom of Albion survived the invasion of the Crawler, Heroes have virtually disappeared from the face of Albion. The beloved Hero King's disappearance and subsequent capture at the hands of the Darkness in Samarkand, combined with an apparent lack of heirs, suggests that no members of the ultimate hero line, the Black bloodline, exist. This forces Theresa to make a hero out of Gabriel, a passing Dweller that saved her from the Devourer.

Known Heroes[]

In-Game Heroes[]

Confirmed Heroes that are featured or mentioned in the games. Not all of these Heroes were members of the Guild of Heroes.

Novel Hereoes[]

Important.png This article contains information original to the novels, which are licensed Fable works, but do not necessarily conform to Lionhead's Fable canon.

Heroes that are featured or were mentioned mainly in the novels:

Possible Heroes[]


Characters that are featured or were mentioned in the games:


Important.png This article contains information original to the novels, which are licensed Fable works, but do not necessarily conform to Lionhead's Fable canon.

Characters that are featured or were mentioned mainly in the novels:

Fable Legends Heroes[]


Fable Legends Content
This article contains information mainly related to Fable Legends and is considered canon to such game.
Due to Fable Legends’ cancelation on 7th March 2016, its canonicity status within the Fable series is uncertain.

The following heroes were set to appear in Fable Legends and were also featured in the game's beta version while it was accessible:

Confirmed As Not Heroes[]


  • One of the loading screens in Fable II states that Heroes can survive falls that would shatter the bones of most people, explaining how the Hero of Bowerstone survived his/her fall from Lucien's study.
  • The Heroes who share the same bloodline as William Black are said to live longer than most.
  • The protagonists of the Fable series are all the younger brothers or sisters, whilst the older siblings appear to have little to no power whatsoever with the exception of Theresa.
  • There are two known people who share the Heroic bloodline who haven't shown control over the three disciplines: Rose and Logan.
  • Other than the descendants of the bloodline, the only individual who can be seen using all three of the heroic disciplines is Commander Milton, the primary antagonist of the Fable III DLC Traitor's Keep. He uses a combination of technology and alchemy to copy the Hero of Brightwall's appearance and heroic abilities, but is fatally defeated by the Hero.
  • According to Co-Creator of Fable, Dene Carter: Fable TLC does not have the heroes of "Strength, Skill and Will", but if it did, those heroes would be Twinblade, Briar Rose and Maze.