Hero FH

Hero King or Hero is a playable character in the XBL Arcade title, Fable Heroes. He is one of the four puppets unlocked by default. On the Hero Tile of the Abilities Board, Hero King can unlock Lucien for 15,000 gold.

Doll DescriptionEdit

CANONICITY WARNING: The following information is derived from Fable: The Journey.

All hail the King of Albion ! Dressed in full regalia, this Doll was made in celebration of the revolution that overthrew King Logan . The uprising replaced him with his brother who, unlike Logan, had inherited Heroic powers from their father . The King is currently missing from Albion, on a quest to the East . The citizens have had a tough time adjusting to his absence and, for a brief period, a Hero Doll of the King was installed on the throne as regent. The people soon realised the absurdity of this situation, however, and replaced the Doll with a chicken .


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