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Hero Hill
Area of Bower Lake
Hero Hill Concept.jpg
Location Information
Related Quests Retribution
NPCs Theresa
Exits Bower Lake
Guild Cave

Hero Hill is a large hill located next to Bower Lake. It is above the Guild Cave.

Fable II[]

The hill is a central location in the main quest of Fable II. A Cullis Gate can be found in the centre of the hill which leads to the Chamber of Fate. Hero Hill is where the ritual, lead by Theresa, takes place, in which the Heroes of Strength, Will and Skill put their power into the Hero, so he/she can retrieve the Relic to defeat Lucien at the Tattered Spire.

When you return here after you've defeated Lucien, regardless of your choice, a grave for your dog can be found.

A painting found in The Sandgoose behind the bar appears to depict the first part of Retribution, in which the four Heroes construct The Weapon that will defeat Lucien, before the quest itself has been started.

Fable III[]

In Fable III, Hero Hill can be found in the region of Millfields near Reaver's Manor. It has decayed somewhat since Fable II, and due to a crumbling staircase, the top cannot be reached. There is a plaque at the base that reads simply "Here Lies Hero Hill".There is a chest where the staircase has crumbled which can be reached by vaulting down


  • In Fable II, there is a bug where you can vault off the top of the hill and float for several seconds, before being dropped down to play as normal.

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