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Species Human
Gender Male
Home Rookridge
Relationships Joey (Son)
Hero of Bowerstone (Guide)
First Appearance Fable II - The Journey Begins
Last Appearance Fable II
Status Deceased
"My son Joey is in there; he needs help but...uh... I'm a little scared to go in alone."
— Herman

Herman can be found outside the Hobbe Cave in Rookridge the first time you go there on your way to Oakfield. He has lost his son, Joey, in the Hobbe Cave; it is said that children are kidnaped by Hobbes and then the Hobbes turn them into more Hobbes. The Hero of Bowerstone is asked to help him find his son. When you are about halfway through the cave, you will hear Joey scream. When you reach a wooden door, Herman will try to unlock it; you must find your way around the door. Behind the door is his son, but he finds that his son is already a Hobbe. It is unclear what follows; either Herman passes out from shock or he is killed by the Hobbe Joey. You then have to fight your way through the rest of the cave.


  • It is possible to simply kill Herman, this will result in losing 30 morality points.
  • If the player interacts with Herman he will respond in a range of NPC voices, both male and female.
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