Hat, Headband, Moustache
Spinnerbox Item 02
Type Expression Manual
Effects Teaches Hat, Headband, Moustache expression
Source Fable II Pub Games
Base value 160 gold
Stars 3stars

Hat, Headband, Moustache is an expression manual which teaches the Hero the "Hat, Headband, Moustache" expression. The book must be acquired through Fable II Pub Games. An equivalent book, known as Traders' Game, is given to the Hero by Murgo on the Wharf in Bowerstone Market when the player has See the Future installed.

Content of Book Edit

Reading this book teaches you how to play a game of Hat, Headband, Moustache with any villager in Albion. Unfortunately, most people don’t follow the rules properly anymore, so you never know what’s going to happen.

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